Marvel Digital Comics San Diego Comic-Con Offer

marvel-digital-comics-sdcc-offerIf you picked up a subscription to Marvel Digital Comics and are on your way to the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel has posted a special offer just for you.

You can stop by Marvel’s booth for:

  • A limited edition Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth spotlight variant
  • A chance to pick up Stan Lee’s autograph

More details in the attached image.

Like many Marvel Universe fans, I signed up for a subscription just so I could pick up a Marvel Universe Nick Fury exclusive figure. I have not yet received the figure, but from pictures I’ve seen from the Far East (where the figure was released at retail), I think it’ll be a good reuse of the Daredevil / Bullseye figure that was part of Marvel Universe wave 1.

As far as Marvel Digital Comics are concerned, I like the reading experience.  In particular, the web-based reader’s Smart Panels feature is pretty good when applied properly – it zooms into the comic, panel by panel, to give you a very detailed look at a page.  This hasn’t replaced the need for me to get my weekly comic fix, though, as the library isn’t intended to deliver newly published comics.  The back issue catalog is filling out, but there have been times when I’ve wanted to read an random comic arc only to find issues missing.  I’ll let you know if I renew when the three month trial is up.

You’ll be able to get details on a subscription and the Nick Fury figure at the Marvel booth, or head to