Marvel Universe Secret Wars Two-Packs – Wave 1 – carded

I hope you folks appreciate this.  Instead of helping my wife pack for our trip to San Diego (Comic-Con woooo!) I am taking pictures and posting.  She’s getting mad!  That’s not supposed to start until Comic-Con!  (For clarity, I mean all three things – the pictures, the posting, and the getting mad! :D)

Here’s a close look at the first wave of carded figures from Hasbro’s upcoming Marvel Universe Secret Wars comic packs.  First, the fronts:

  1. Captain America and Klaw, with Secret Wars #1
  2. Wolverine and Human Torch, with Secret Wars #2
  3. Spider-Man and Thunderball, with Secret Wars #3

Secret Wars #1 - Captain America and Klaw.JPGSecret Wars #2 - Wolverine and Human Torch.JPGSecret Wars #3 - Spider-Man and Thunderball.JPG

The numbering is based on what issue of the comic will be included as the pack-in.  Many people have pointed out that the characters included in the two-packs aren’t necessarily linked to the comic pack-in.  I’m sure that very clever people will figure out a how to pick figures according to issue number, but I’m guessing that for making each wave balanced with heavy hitters, this was probably too hard to optimize for sales.

Now, the backs:

Secret Wars #1 - Captain America and Klaw - back.JPGSecret Wars #2 - Wolverine and Human Torch - back.JPGSecret Wars #3 - Spider-Man and Thunderball - back.JPG

Very appealing – the figures are shown clearly, and you get enough of the comic cover in there to see what you’re getting.  I think the overall packaging is well-designed, and it’s great to see the new artwork by Bob Layton.

Ensuring I’ll end up in Chateau Bow Wow before SDCC even starts, I’ve taken extra time to snap close-ups of each of the figures:

Secret Wars #1 - Captain America.JPGSecret Wars #1 - Klaw.JPGSecret Wars #2 - Wolverine.JPGSecret Wars #2 - Human Torch.JPGSecret Wars #3 - Spider-Man.JPGSecret Wars #3 - Thunderball.JPG

I really don’t have time to write up my full thoughts, but here’s some quickies on each figure:

  • I love the Cap body, but looking at those eyes make me feel sad – must be my highly empathetic nature.
  • Klaw looks great.
  • Wolvie reuses the X-Force Wolvie from MU wave 1.  I prefer the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version in the brown and tan.
  • We’ve been inundated with Human Torches, but I still like this one, especially the headsculpt.
  • Spider-Man is a repaint from wave 1.  I liked it when that wave came out, but I think the definitive Spidey is yet to come.  Wave 1 is too squat, and the recent Symbiote Spidey is too tall.
  • Thunderball looks great.

I’m surprised, but I’m actually excited about getting the comic pack-ins.  I haven’t read Secret Wars in a long time, and this will give me the chance to do that again without having to hunt down the comics.

OK, I’ve got to go get ready to head down to San Diego.  Stay tuned for lots of Comic-Con coverage!