Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Results

It’s a few weeks later than we expected them, but Hasbro has released the results of the 2010 Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice poll they kicked off at San Diego Comic-Con.  Your picks?  Deadpool, Valkyrie, and Black Widow.

At the show, I talked with Scott George of the Hasbro Marvel team – we differed on how we thought the poll might turn out.  He thought that the vote would swing in favor of the more eclectic choices.  I counted on the mass market kicking in and thought it would go the way of the more popular characters.  With Deadpool coming in at #1, I’m guessing it went more my way than his.  Scott, you owe me a Coke!

Now the arduous task is ahead of us – waiting for Hasbro to release their accompanying three picks!


Because you demanded it! You debated the choices, you cast your votes and now it’s time to reveal the winners – the top 3 fan favorites as decided by you! So, without further delay, the winners of the 2010 Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Poll are:

As we’re sure you already know, these three winners have now made it into the next wave of Marvel Legends 2 packs along with three figures (our picks) to be announced later. Three new two packs in the wave, 6 total figures, you pick three and we pick three – nice!

We want to thank all of the Marvel Fans and collectors who logged on and cast their votes – the response was tremendous! It was great talking with you in San Diego… and we hope your choices made the cut. Keep your eyes open for an announcement on the Hasbro picks for this wave, coming soon!

via Marvel Poll.

Here’s the pics  I took of the winners at SDCC.  For the writeup and pics of all the Fan’s Choice selections, see my San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Marvel Pics.

ML Fan Choice - Deadpool (766x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Deadpool 2 (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Valkyrie (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Black Widow (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Black Widow 2 (770x1024).jpg

7 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Results”

  1. I think that’s the popular vote coming through. Deadpool is getting such a heavy push from Marvel right now, with his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and his own feature film with Ryan Reynolds reprising the role in the works. and Black Widow is being played by ScarJo in next summer’s Iron Man sequel.

    I think since Valkyrie had been leaked before and never made it out, she was one of the more obscure choices that got some focus from collectors who didn’t want repeats of the big names.

  2. Sheesh. Deadpool and Black Widow have been done before (Black Widow is in Series 8). I’m gonna be pissed if Madrox isn’t in the other 3!

  3. “Deadpool? WTF they already made him why do we need a new one?”

    Maybe because he costs over $100 on amazon and ebay and nobody owns one. Do you have a problem with people trying to cure cancer too?

  4. @damon

    WTF with you?!
    Sure we have ONE Deadpool… WOLVERINE gets a DOZEN figures for EACH of his outfits damn it!
    And.. AND have you SEEN HOW MUCH that ONE Deadpool costs?!
    I love Deadpool, sure, but I DON’T HAVE $150 USD to fork out for him!

    Man! I CAN’T WAIT!
    He should be packed in with Black Widow and Magnum Opus #3 (Deadool v3 #9 if I’m not mistaken)

    Hey anyone got any CONCLUSIVE date on when he’s coming out?
    I mean it’s February of 2010 already…

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