Marvel Select Abomination and Thing Painted Prototype Pics

You may not know who Eddie Wires is, but if you’re a fan of action figures, then you most likely have pieces of his work in your collection.  Eddie is one of the premier prototype painters, and certainly one of the more prolific ones.  He’s also an extremely nice guy – sorry, I couldn’t find a P-word for that.

I found these pictures in one of Eddie’s Facebook photo albums, and it’s really a mixed blessing.  While I love seeing his work, it’s almost like torture, because the production pieces can never truly match up.

You can see more of Eddie’s work at his website, Wires Productions.

Marvel Select AbominationMarvel Select Thing

via Facebook | Ed Wires’s Photos – More Toys and other Randomness…

One thought on “Marvel Select Abomination and Thing Painted Prototype Pics”

  1. THING looks fantastic! Heh. I wonder if he will be to scale with the Marvel Select Hulk figure (shorter). The one thing the Marvel Select figures lack, though, is torso articulation. I think some of them could really use it.

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