NECA Announces Urban Vinyl Gears of War Figures

NECA is the latest toy manufacturer to jump on the urban vinyl bandwagon with its new line of Bastu figures for Gears of War.  In what traditionally has been the realm of niche designer toy makers like Toy2R, Neca’s Batsu joins Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs, McFarlane’s Odd Pods, and Mezco’s Mez-Itz in the mass and specialty markets.  I wonder if Mattel will follow suit with the AttiTUBES they showed at San Diego Comic-Con.

Shifting Gears

NECA announces new BATSU Gears of War figures!

Sure, we’ve got our regular Gears of War figures and they’re awesome, but now things are getting Batsu.

In Japanese, the symbol “batsu,” like the English ‘X’ is used to show something wrong. Like when you get a strike on Family Feud, that’s a batsu. For NECA, it’s a whole new way of experiencing some of your favorite characters and lines, and we’re starting with the three most popular Gears of War combatants in limited production runs (translation: get ’em while you can).

The highly-stylized Batsu versions of Dom, Marcus and The Locust each stand over 5″ tall, are poseable at the neck and shoulders and designed with urban vinyl in mind. They also have the Lancer accessory, and you’ll know them when you see them because of the window box packaging.

Once again, these are limited runs, which means they won’t be around forever. They hit stores next month, so make sure to keep an eye out, and of course they’ll be available online at our Amazon storefront. Keep it tuned to for more info on this and other lines from your favorite games and movies.

via || National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc..