Q: What’s Worse for an Action Figure Collector than Moving?

A: Installing new carpet.

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been putting up as many reviews / pictorials recently, it’s because we’ve been getting ready to put new carpeting in the house. To make a long story short, a leak in one of the bathrooms became the impetus to do a mini-remodeling of the bathrooms and bedrooms.  There goes the action figure budget – I guess I should cancel my eBay bids for a Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III.

Both my wife and I are collectors (maybe the better term is “packrats”), so the house is filled with crap that we should have probably thrown out years ago. For example, I had three stacks of carded figures piled as tall as my wife behind one of the bedroom doors – those stacks were affectionately known as “Staging Area Two” because I bought all of it as trade fodder over the years.

What’s worse is that right before we discovered the leak, I had just set up new shelving cubes in what was once known as “Staging Area One” – the pile of plastic storage bins where I kept loose figures and customizing fodder. My wife had finally had enough of my whining about not having enough shelf space that she devised a new setup for that space, and I had gotten partway through planning and setting up my display. I had to box up a whole bunch of loose figures and customs that were already in disarray to begin with.

The upside – before we move it all back in, I’ll pick out some more figures to put in the Free Stuff pile!

Any moving stories you want to share? Leave a comment! 😀

9 thoughts on “Q: What’s Worse for an Action Figure Collector than Moving?”

  1. Ian, I feel you, man!

    Bruce, here’s the storage cubes – ClosetMaid 9-Cube Stackable Organizer, Alder – available at Amazon or at Target stores. you can also buy canvas “drawers” that fit in there. I’m using those on the bottom 2 rows – great place to put stuff you want to rotate in your display, or keep your accessories, fodder, etc.

  2. Packing up all those figures just blows. Have to make sure you don’t lose any parts in moving. But I hear you about the staging areas. After a while, you run out of room & start tripping over stuff.

  3. i feel you man.. had to move to new house..so i had to pack all my stuff now instead of a glass cabinet, they’re all inside storage boxes..

  4. I’ve been in my new house for 3 months and am still unpacking so…… Oh, I know what’s worse; having to fix one thing after the other! lol.

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