The AFP Double or Nothing Action Figure Giveaway

Update: The AFP Double or Nothing is now closed. Check your e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to see if you’ve won!

DC Super Heroes - Two-Face (600x600).jpgFantastic Four Movie - Invisible Woman (variant) and Dr. Doom (800x600).jpgJustice League Unlimited - Wonder Woman and Darkseid (600x600).jpgMarvel Legends - She-Hulk and X3 Colossus (800x602).jpgMasters of the Universe Classics - Hordak and Man-at-Arms (800x533).jpgSteet Fighter - Cammy and Guile (800x600).jpgThe Amazing Spider-Man - Hobgoblin and Hydro-Man (800x600).jpgX-Men Classics - Iceman and Stealth Wolverine (800x600).jpgX-Men Origins Wolverine - Logan and Wolverine (800x600).jpg

If you’ve been following AFP during the last week or so, then you may know I had to dismantle the toy room so we could have new carpeting installed in the house, and just set up the new action figure display.  What I’ve still have remaining to do is to deal with all of these carded figures that I had to move from “Staging Area Two” in preparation for the carpet.  And since my defining characteristic as a Brown Lantern is being lazy, here’s where you come in.

About a month from today, on October 10, I’ll be picking 3 winners each at random from the folks who subscribe to the three free subscription services that we offer – e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.  That’s nine prizes, each with a pair of action figures from my Free Stuff pile.

All I ask you to do are two things.

  • First, sign up for one or all of the free subscriptions that we offer. The instructions to do that are below.  If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll also be entered into the drawing.
  • Second, spread the word about Retweet this contest, post on your Facebook walls, hit up the message boards – just help me get the word out about the site.

Optional, but appreciated – say some nice things about us, leave a comment below, anything to let me know that you appreciate what we do here! 😀

The Prize Pairs

  • DC Super Heroes – Two Face (ok, he’s not technically a pair of figures, but he fits the “Double or Nothing” theme)
  • Fantastic Four Movie – Invisible Woman (phasing variant) and Dr. Doom
  • JLU Mission Vision – Wonder Woman and Darkseid
  • Marvel Legends – She-Hulk and X3 Colossus
  • Masters of the Universe Classics – Hordak and Man-At-Arms
  • Street Fighter – Cammy and Guile
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – Hobgoblin and Hydro Man
  • X-Men Classics – Iceman and Stealth Wolverine
  • X-Men Origins Wolverine – Comic Book Logan and Comic Book Wolverine

Alright folks – sign up and spread the word!  And good luck to all!

The Fine Print

  • The entry period will end at 11:59 pm PST on Saturday, October 10.  You may continue to sign up for any of the services after that point, but you won’t be included in the Double or Nothing drawing.
  • Selected winners within the U.S. (United States) will be responsible for a $8.00 shipping and handling charge payable through PayPal. We cannot accept check, Money Orders or any alternate form of payment.  International members will be responsible for the actual cost of shipping and handling (via PayPal), to be determined by location. The charge is for S&H only, not for the prizes.  The prizes are free gift figure(s).
  • The selected winners will be contacted via the respective outlet (e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter) and will have a week to respond with their shipping information as well as their Paypal address (so we know who has paid). If you do not respond within a week, you will be disqualified and we will choose another winner.
  • Winners will have until Friday, October 16, to pay shipping and handling charges. If you do not pay by that date, we will draw another name.
  • You may subscribe to all three services for nine chances to win, but are limited to winning one prize.  Please don’t sign up for a bunch of fake e-mail addresses, because this is for fun, not for profit.
  • Staff members at are not eligible for this contest (sorry me!)
  • By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to hold and assigns harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of the use or redemption of the prizes.

14 thoughts on “The AFP Double or Nothing Action Figure Giveaway”

  1. Aw, I could REALLY use a Two-Face. 🙂 Who made those Street Fighter figs, and when were they available? I don’t recall ever seeing them.

  2. Jason, those Street Fighter figures were made by SOTA Toys – they did a handful of series of them, the last of which came out around San Diego Comic-Con in 2008.

  3. I haven’t picked up any of the new NECA SF IV figures, but those are 7-inch scaled figures, while the older SOTA figures are 6-inches. I love NECA’s stuff but I already have the characters that I was interested in the predominant scale in my collection.

    both are stylized (SOTA after SF II), but to me, SF IV looks more extreme. take Chun Li and her thighs, for example. I think fans of the SF IV game would be pleased with the NECA figures.

  4. Awesome giveaway. Sorry to hear about you needing to pack up all your figures to make way for the new carpet. What a dreaded task that must have been.

    That’s probably one of top 3 fears-
    #1 – Earthquakes
    #2 – Moving Out
    #3 – Getting New Carpet

  5. haha! an earthquake would be devastating – I need to start getting some of those clear plastic disk stands.

    top fear for me would be a fire.

  6. Thanks for doing this, Ron. I check the site for pics often, but never signed up. Just rectified that.

  7. The e-mail service is the highlight of my morning. So much fun stuff, and updates daily! Thanks for the effort. Love the site.

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