AFP Hasbro Marvel Q&A Roundup – 10/23/9

Here’s the latest Q&A from the Hasbro Marvel team. Since we were all about Marvel Legends last time, this go around we focused on Marvel Universe.  Thanks guys!

1. What’s the latest on the deluxe Galactus that you showed at San Diego Comic-Con? Does it have a home at retail yet? Will it be released under the Gigantic Battles line, and if so, are you planning to release it with a companion 3.75-inch figure? What other characters in this size are you considering?

Marvel Universe Galactus.jpgMarvel Universe Galactus 2.jpgMarvel Universe Galactus - closeup.jpgMarvel Universe Galactus - back 2.jpgMarvel Universe Galactus - side.jpg

Galactus is ready to make a statement: “Humans, prepare yourselves!”

2. We were curious about the extras that come with the Marvel Universe figures. Are there hidden nuggets in the memos that come with the figure? If so, any clues?

Ahhh… interesting question. The memos are a very important part to the story element of the MU line. We encourage you to read these important documents closely.

3. We love the multi-pack products like Marvel Universe Secret Wars, because it seems like it gives the opportunity to provide more villains and second-tier characters, as well as extras like comic books. What plans do you have to continue this after Secret Wars? Any plans to offer multi-figure Marvel Universe packs (2,3,or 5) of the same army builder (as the Joe team does occasionally)?

We do plan to continue offering theme team packs as well as items like the comic packs moving forward.

Here’s the round-up of other Marvel Q&A from other toy sites: (links to be added as they come up)