Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3

Looks like those Minimates Visual Guides are already out of date! 😉

Here’s the latest Ghostbuster Minimates, with two fan favorites in Peck and Janine, and completing the marshmallow covered trio with Egon and Winston.

Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3New Ghostbuster Minimates Revealed

The expanding Ghostbusters Minimates line is the surprise hit of the year, invading both specialty stores and Toys R Us locations across the country. Announced today, that excitement will carry forward into the next specialty store release – the Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3 Box Set available for retailer pre-order in the November issue of the Diamond Previews catalog!

Building on the sets already begun in earlier waves, this knockout box set delivers the final members of the marshmallow-covered crew – Gooey Egon and Winston (Peter Venkmann cleverly avoided the incident) – as well as Ghostbusters 2 versions of both EPA lawyer Walter Peck and Ghostbusters receptionist Janine Melnitz!

Each Ghostbusters Minimate stands two inches tall and features 14 points of articulation as well as a host of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories. Pre-order this set now with your local comic store or favorite online retailer and get ready for the next chapter in the Ghostbusters Minimates saga as the spring 2010 release date approaches!

via Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles.