Gentle Giant 1/6 Scale R2-D2 Poly Stone Statue

Thanks to the good guys at OAFE for tweeting this, because I probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

Although the write-up is a little ambiguous, there looks to be some articulation on this 1/6 scale “statue” of R2-D2.  From the pics, it looks like the dome swivels, and all the panels on it can be closed – I am hoping that’s true of the panels on the body too.  With all the attachments, this looks like a great piece for any Star Wars collector.

Fully-Loaded R2-D2 Coming Soon from Gentle Giant

R2-D2 poses

Coming in Spring, 2010, Gentle Giant releases a deluxe version of everyone’s favorite astromech droid complete with eight accessories!

Periscope scanner, mechanical gripper, utility saw, Luke’s Return of the Jedi lightsaber and more can all be assembled into the statue’s exposed chest or dome panels. Measuring seven inches tall, this 1/6th scale Poly Stone statue is hand painted and will be a limited edition.

Look for this amazing new piece early next year!

via | Fully-Loaded R2-D2 Coming Soon from Gentle Giant.