Good News for MOTU and DC Universe Classics, Bad News for Dark Knight

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Mattel’s latest collector line update is a good news / bad news report.  The good: the He-Man re-release sold out within a few hours and Scareglow the next day, and Mattel also posted on Facebook that the Color of Fear 2-pack is the best selling DC Universe Classics 2-pack yet.  For Masters of the Universe Classics, I wonder if the He-Man sell-out there’s a whole new crop of collectors who jumped on board for the line.  And for DCUC, I hope the strength of sales helps convince Mattel to continue the 2-packs after next month’s Animal Instincts, which is reportedly the last for the time being.

The Dark Knight Movie Masters

The bad news: the continuation of the Dark Knight figures on may be stalled out.  The bank robber Joker was posted a month late, and is still available.  Since Mattel won’t commit to Survival Suit Bruce Wayne in December (the originally posted sales date was October 15), I am wondering if they’re waffling on continuing the line.  A lot of people weren’t thrilled with the $20 price tag, so it wouldn’t be surprising if sales are lackluster.


You may have noticed a couple of products weren’t on sale today — the Survival Suit Bruce Wayne and the Disney/Pixar Cars Mater in 1:24 scale. Mater is expected to move to our December 15th sale, and we’ll let you know about the Survival Suit.

The rest of the sale is still a “go” and we’ve got all these collector must-haves waiting for you!

I’m sorry for the inconvenience and will let you know as soon as we have firm on-sale dates.


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  1. They might as well cancel those Dark Knight figures. Why can’t Mattel just make one big Movie Masters line (You know with Keaton movie figures, Reeve Superman figures) and toss in these guys into one of those waves.

    Then and only then would I buy them.

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