AFP Hasbro Marvel Q&A Roundup – 12/17/9

After missing a month, we’re back with the latest Marvel Q&A from the team at Hasbro.  Thanks guys!

1. What can we Marvel Legends collectors do to encourage Hasbro to create some sort of online monthly or perhaps even quarterly figure release program similar to the one Mattel is successfully using over on their website? I know that if it can work with a property like Masters Of The Universe it can definitely work with Marvel Legends. As someone who like many has collected 6-inch figures for years I really wish there was a program like this that would get us more 6-inch Marvel figures.

ML Fan Choice - Lady Bullseye (767x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - The Hood (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Bi-Beast (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Nuke (772x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Phoenix (766x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Terror Inc. (763x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Havok (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Ms. Marvel 2 (764x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Warpath (762x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Fantomex (769x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - McGuinness Hulk (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Madrox 2 (770x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Brother Voodoo 2 (768x1024).jpgML Fan Choice - Paper Bag Spidey (1024x769).jpgML Fan Choice - Constrictor (1024x768).jpg

We are always looking at ways and options to get the Legends figures into the hands of fans. Plans are being made and we will announce them soon.

2. A lot of MU figures have had paint detailing (washes, shading, etc) that was lacking in most of the 6 inch/ML product. Is there a reason that 6 inch figures can’t get similar detail in the paint department? Is it purely a cost issue?

By going to a smaller scale we are able to afford more decoration while keeping the retail price attractive for all fans. On all our figures, we work to improve these details as we move forward including Legends.

3. When will we be seeing some news and images on upcoming Marvel Universe and Secret Wars waves? If there’s not anything new to report, how about dropping us some hints here? What’s going on with Galactus?

If we gave you too many hints, we would wreck the surprise. Galactus has a habit of showing up when you least expect it.

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