Mattel 6-Inch Flight Stands

Industrious Fwooshers have probed the site looking for more information on the 6-inch flight stands being sold in a 3-pack for $15 starting December 15.  They’re not listed yet, but they did find the pictures that will be used.


It looks like a solid base with a swivel hinge at the top that can accommodate 3 different-sized clips.  It’s not clear if it will include 3 clips with each stand (I would hope so) or if the 3-pack includes one stand of each size.


The stand design allows for both hovering just off the ground and in-flight poses.  I am curious if the relative thickness will allow for the stand to work for figures with capes in the hovering position.  As for price, I was spoiled by flight stands included with Marvel Legends in the good old days, but folks have pointed out that the price of these is comparable with other doll stands that don’t include the hinge.

One thought on “Mattel 6-Inch Flight Stands”

  1. These look much better than the ML flight stands. After awhile, I would find that they’d sag, or in Angel’s guess, they would just bend out of shape.

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