AFP Hasbro G.I. JOE Q&A for 1/15/10

The Hasbro JOE team is back with another round of Q&A.  Thanks to Ray from the Fwoosh for these questions.

1. Hypothetical question… If the ROC movie hadn’t existed would you have pretty much stopped the 25th line anyway and rebranded into a new line, or would it have kept going untouched?

Hypothetically, we may have developed a new theme as we strive to continuously keep the brand fresh and relevant.

2. Have you ever considered doing modern updates of monster type Joes like the Bio-Viper, Monstro-Viper – because the customs you had on display of those were awesome.

[Pics courtesy of the Hasbro JoeCon 2009 coverage by ItsAllTrue.Net – thanks Noisy!]

Great question! This is something we find very exciting and are looking into it, although they may not look exactly like the customs – we may use cues from them as inspiration for future planning.

3. What was the reasoning behind the new Snowcat’s paintjob? As opposed to the original look.

We aim to keep the line fresh and offer cool new looks where possible.

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