Masters of the Universe Classics Adora, Battle Armor He-Man, and More on Sale January 15

I know I keep saying that I want Mattel and Digital River to give us the ability to combine our Club Eternia purchases with  our other purchases, because I’m really tired of the multiple shipping charges.  So let me try this another way – how many people didn’t pick up Club Eternia because they didn’t want to get penalized?  How many Club Eternia members aren’t buying bonus figures or figures from other lines because of it?

Anyways, I’m kind of stuck again this month, because Battle Armor He-Man is *the* He-Man from my youth, and he’s an excellent bonus figure for this month.  Between him, a reissued Beast Man, and a first ever Adora figure, January is turning out to be a great month to jump into MOTU Classics.  With Trap Jaw, Battle Cat, a reissued Man-At-Arms coming next month, that would be a pretty good start for new collectors.  UPDATE – Mattel also announced that the second allotment of the Skeletor reissue will be available in late January.

Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight, and a 1:24 scale Doc from Cars round out the lineup for the sale day Friday.  Here’s the link to the bundled product page for January – you may have to refresh you browser if it shows up blank at first.

Also, here’s a note from Mattel further explaining what they meant about substituting in bonus figures for Club Eternia figures if the schedule slips.

Clarification on Subscription and Bonus Figures for MOTUC

Hey He-Fans,I’ve seen on Facebook and the fan sites a bit of confusion as to what is a Club Eternia subscription figure and what is a bonus figure. So here is the full scoop!

Club Eternia memberships were sold for a four week period during SDCC 2009. If you purchased a membership you will automatically receive and be billed for one new MOTU figure each month. The subscription figures are marked on with a gold burst. The Jan. 2010 figurue is Adora, the February figure is Trap Jaw. 2010 memberships are now closed. 2011 memberships will be sold during SDCC 2010 and so on.

If you do not have a membership you can also log on during the 15th of each month and purchase that figure until it is sold out. We can not guarantee every figure unless you have a subscription; these figures will sell out fast!

In addition to the 12 monthly figures, we are also going to offer 2 – 4 “bonus” figures each year, usually at the end of each quarter. These figures will be A-list hero and villain updates such as Battle Armor He-Man and King Grayskull. These figures are not included in the subscription program. However, if a standard figure slips schedule (like what happened with Mer-Man in 2009) we may subsitute an upcoming “bonus” figure to ensure their is one subscription figure each month. If this does happen it will be announced well in advance. (i.e. several months)

Ideally nothing will slip schedule but we need to have a back up plan just in case!

Finally, in addition to the monthly figures and the bonus figures, we are also looking at doing a few larger items (like Battle Cat or army builder 2 packs). These are also not included in the subscription simply because we do not know how many we are doing yet and they will range in price. Eventually we may include these skus in the 2011 subscription if their is enough fan interest in the 2010 skus.

Hopefully this clarifies most questions. Please do feel free to comment and I’ll check back to answer any other questions about how the Club Eternia subscription works!


via Facebook | Clarification on Subscription and Bonus Figures for MOTUC.