Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Series 6 Press Pics

With the 6th series of Marvel Minimates for Toys R Us, Diamond Select Toys draws on both modern and classic comics.  From recent history, they’ve got a Mr. Fantastic and Hulk from World War Hulk and a Coipel Thor and Lady Loki (also in Series 33).  From the classic Secret Wars comes punk Storm and Klaw.  And to round it out, Cap and a battle damaged Wolvie.

It’s Here! Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Series 6!

I’m doing the happy dance right now, cause it’s got a whole smorgasborg of characters!


We’ve got Klaw and Storm, Thor Reborn and Lady Loki (my favs!), Mr. Fantastic and World War Hulk, and what set wouldn’t be complete without Wolverine and Captain America!

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