WWE Interview with Mattel Designers Derek Handy and Bill Miekina

WWE.com has posted a two part interview with designers Derek Handy and Bill Miekina.  They talk about their backgrounds and influences, the challenges and joys of working on WWE, and meeting the wrestlers.  Great stuff!

Also be sure to check out our pre-launch interview with Derek and brand manager PJ Lewis.

Among a mere handful of individuals responsible for all WWE products are lead designer Derek Handy and fellow key design point man at Mattel, Bill Miekina. With a combined 17 years of experience in toy creative, design and execution, the pair juggles everything from sculpting and mechanical architecture (Handy’s handiwork) to paint deco and accuracy (Miekina’s expertise).

In an exclusive interview with WWE.com, Handy and Miekina detailed their crucial roles within the plastic-molding pantheon at Mattel – those responsible for the greatest WWE toys in the history of the squared circle.

via WWE: Inside WWE > WWE Mattel > News > Mattel Q&A Part 1.