WizKids/NECA Announces Watchmen Movie Heroclix

This is a very cool announcement.  A very long time ago, my wife’s father had a set of Watchmen comic miniature lead figures that he painted.  He also had a set of customs in that scale for the other characters that weren’t included in the set.  I can’t wait to see who is included in this set of 25 Heroclix!


WizKids/NECA, the leader in collectible miniature gaming today announced the Watchmen HeroClix Collector’s Boxed Set and Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure for the HeroClix game, through a license agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Comics.  Watchmen HeroClix brings the characters of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Watchmen film to gamers’ tabletops summer 2010.

The Watchmen Collector’s Boxed Set includes 25 highly detailed, 3D miniatures including Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre.  The Collector’s Boxed Set, which includes a complete set of Watchmen HeroClix figures, comes in deluxe, display-quality packaging.  The Watchmen HeroClix Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure is built to movie-accurate scale and stands over 14 inches tall. Watchmen HeroClix premieres this summer at San Diego Comic-Con, and will be available at comic and game shops nationwide and on Amazon.com.

“WizKids is very excited to add Watchmen to the HeroClix platform,” said WizKids/NECA president Lax Chandra. “Watchmen is a groundbreaking movie which redefines the way costumed vigilantes are portrayed on the big screen. With 25 unique sculpts in the Collector’s Boxed Set, plus the colossal Dr. Manhattan figure, we’ve got a comprehensive offering that will satisfy both avid gamers and Watchmen movie fans.”

“This continues our long and valued relationship with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Comics, and we look forward to another successful collaboration,” states Joel Weinshanker, president of NECA.

HeroClix pioneered the collectible miniature category and HeroClix has been the leading collectible game in the comic genre due to its innovative game platform and deep collection of characters.


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  1. I stopped collecting Heroclix about a month into collecting them but I must admit that these are pretty darned cool. I wonder if Colossal Dr.Manhattan is more powerful than the giant Spectre Clix. Our local Heroclix venue has a Spectre and to date it’s never been defeated.

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