Mattel Kicks Off Toy Fair with Triple H and WWE Legends

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The Mattel WWE team got Toy Fair off to an early start, with WWE Superstar Triple H headlining a collector preview.  Neil Friedman, president of Mattel brands, and Donna Goldsmith, COO of the WWE, kicked off the event, highlighting that the partnership between Mattel and WWE is the first time WWE toys would be marketed with both kids and hardcore collectors in mind.

Triple H called the Mattel / WWE tag team a partnership of the “world champion in toys with the world champion in entertainment.”  He said that he and his fellow WWE superstars are impressed with the level of detail and articulation in the toys.  At one point, the wrestler struggled for the right words to describe his admiration of the toys, calling them “anatomically correct” with a laugh.  He then offered to take off his shirt to show that he is indeed “that ripped!”

Now, let’s get into the toys!

WWE Legends

We got our first look at the Legends line, coming out this fall.  I am particularly psyched that the prototypes on hand featured the Elite articulation, including ab crunches and ball-jointed hips.  Painted prototypes for Dusty Rhodes, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sgt. Slaughter, and Animal and Hawk from the Road Warriors were on display.

Mattel WWE - Legends 02 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 03 (765x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 05 (767x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 07 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 08 (764x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 09 (767x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 11 (766x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 13 (769x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 16 (770x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 17 (765x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 18 (767x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 19 (769x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 20 (766x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 21 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 01 (1024x768).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 04 (1024x769).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 10 (1024x769).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 12 (1024x768).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 14 (1024x768).jpgMattel WWE - Legends 15 (1024x772).jpg

Mattel also displayed current and upcoming figures from each of the existing WWE lines.

Basic and Heritage Series

Mattel WWE - Basic and Heritage Series 04 (766x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic and Heritage Series 05 (769x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic and Heritage Series 06 (769x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic and Heritage Series 01 (1024x768).jpgMattel WWE - Basic and Heritage Series 02 (1024x768).jpgMattel WWE - Basic and Heritage Series 03 (1024x768).jpg

Basic 2-Packs

Mattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 04 (1024x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 05 (1024x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 06 (1021x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 07 (1023x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 08 (1024x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 09 (1024x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 10 (766x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 01 (1024x770).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 02 (1024x768).jpgMattel WWE - Basic 2-Packs 03 (1024x768).jpg

Elite Collection

Mattel WWE - Elite Collection 02 (765x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 03 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 04 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 05 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 07 (769x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 08 (767x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 09 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 10 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 11 (766x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 12 (767x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 13 (772x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 14 (1024x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 15 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 16 (766x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 01 (1024x770).jpgMattel WWE - Elite Collection 06 (1024x768).jpg

Entrance Greats – Money money money money money!

Mattel WWE - Entrance Greats 01 (1024x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Entrance Greats 02 (765x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Entrance Greats 03 (768x1024).jpgMattel WWE - Entrance Greats 04 (1024x1023).jpg

Flex Force

Mattel WWE - Flex Force 01 (1024x768).jpgMattel WWE - Flex Force 02 (1024x768).jpgMattel WWE - Flex Force 03 (1024x768).jpg

Stay tuned for more Toy Fair coverage in the coming days.  Tomorrow we’ll be visiting with Hasbro, covering GI Joe, Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers.

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