AFP Hasbro Marvel Q&A Roundup for 3/30/10

We’re back with the first Marvel Q&A of 2010 from the team at Hasbro.  Thanks guys!

1) We’ve seen Marvel Universe card art for the Iron Patriot that shows Norman Osborn unmasked, holding the Iron Patriot helmet. Will the upcoming figure include an Iron Patriot head, a Norman Osborn head, or (we hope) both?

Deodato, Mike - Hasbro Norman Osborn Iron Patriot.jpg

You just never know what Norman is thinking or how he’ll show up – just be on the look out!

2) You’ve announced the Marvel Legends 2-pack pairings – Deadpool and Warpath, Black Widow and Winter Soldier, and Valkyrie and Hulk. Are you planning to release variants for the 2-packs, like you did recently with recent 2-packs (e.g., Dum Dum Dugan variant for Nick Fury, Sharon Carter variant for Maria Hill, and Stealth Iron Man for classic Iron Man)?

We are very excited about the Marvel Legends Comic 2 Packs. Check out exciting news of variants at San Diego Comic Con this July!

3) We’re pretty psyched that 6-inch figures are planned across all the action figure lines. For the Spider-Man and Iron Man 2 lines, you mentioned plans to have more 6-inch figure assortments later in the year than were shown at Toy Fair. For Marvel Legends, are you planning for more figures beyond the 2-packs that were announced? If so, any hints you can share?

No hints today! We will reveal plans for Marvel legends at a later date.

Here’s the round-up of other Marvel Q&A from other toy sites: (links to be added as they come up)

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  1. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen a Marvel Legends release. “No hints” probably means “it’s been canceled because we’re under the mistaken impression that everyone loves Marvel Universe and isn’t furious at us for never bothering to finish the ML line”. Go to Hell, Hasbro. Thanks alot for not bothering to finish X-Force or even start on X-Factor. Mattel and Diamond Select get my money now, not you. Marvel Universe is garbage.

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