Iron Man 2 4-Inch Line – Armors from the First Movie


With the official release of the Iron Man 2 action figure line upon us, it’s time to start taking a look at the amazing new movie line from Hasbro. Today we are going to look at the new 4-inch versions of the three armors from the first film.

Mark I

Iron Man 2 - Mark I
Iron Man 2 - Mark I

This is a great update to the first movie figure. Even though it is a smaller scale, there are more paint details and MUCH better articulation.


Mark II

Iron Man 2 - Mark 2
Iron Man 2 - Mark 2

If you can pick through a few and find a good one, the panel and detail lines on this version of the Iron Man armor are simply crazy at this scale. This is one of the best 4-inch figures I’ve seen Hasbro do.


Mark III

Iron Man 2 - Mark 3
Iron Man 2 - Mark 3

Another great update to the previous movie 1 figure, however, I had to pick through ten of this figure to find one that didn’t have a sloppy paint job. Also, the joints on many of these figures are tight – I suggest running them under warm water before forcing any joints. As pictured below, this new figure is in great scale with the Iron Monger from the 6-inch line from the first movie.



Check back later this week for our look at the new Iron Man 2 Mark VI and War Machine armors!

5 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 4-Inch Line – Armors from the First Movie”

  1. Awesome!

    I just picked up Marks I,II, II, VI and War Machine myself. But guess what? My Mark I has a seriously stuck waist joint! So you recommend warm water, eh?

  2. Yup, just run the joint under some warm water for a few seconds and then try moving it, it really helps un-tighten them.

  3. Seeing these figures on the pegs has re-inspired Iron Man fever in me! I loved these at the 6″ scale when they premiered alongside the first movie, and was mightily skeptical when these 3″ 3/4 figures were shown at Toy Fair, but I’m liking them much more in person. And the smaller scale also allows for the ability to display more of them together. Heck, I’m just going to call this a win/win all around.

  4. I just wanna know how I can get a hold of the “Iron Man Mark VI with LED Light”. I saw it sold out as a pre-order on
    Hmmmmm… I got all the other armors though. I like the comic version of War Machine most so far.

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