Badballz “Fuzzball” Resin Toy Preorder

Hey guys – I wanted to share a personal project I’ve been working on over the summer. I’ve wanted to do a custom sculpted Madball-style project for a while, and recently while watching one of my favorite horror movies I finally got the design and inspiration translated into 3D form. I wanted to make something with that over-the-top Madballs style, but also something I knew would probably never actually get produced.

In the future, I plan to cast these with squishy foam just like the originals, so stay tuned for future release info!

From Plastic Geek Toys comes the Badballz “Fuzzball” first being released as a Gray Resin Prototype.

  • Limited edition unpainted, solid gray resin prototype. Limited to 10 produced in this style.
  • Stylized creature ball inspired by the 80’s horror flick. A hefty 3.5″ diameter solid resin cast ball. Hand sculpted & cast. Stands on its own. Fits in great with other 3″ scale Madballs. Comes packaged in a box with header card.
  • Preorder ships in January/February 2015.

Order at

Warpo Toys’ Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter Campaign Funded In 3 Days

Warpo Toys is off to a strong start with their Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter campaign. They’ve surpassed their funding targetĀ and first stretch goal, for a translucent “conjured” Cthulhu which will be exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign.

At over $80K pledged so far, they’re close to reachingĀ their second stretch, which unlocks at $90K funding.

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Legends of Cthulhu Retro Figures Launched on Kickstarter


It seems like everyone is trying to make “retro” style figures these days, particularly on Kickstarter, but this one seems like something special. Warpo Toys has gone all out and hired artists and sculptors from the 70s-80s toy industry, and gone as far as to make a retro style commercial, catalog and packaging/artwork.

The Legends of Cthulhu Retro Action Figure Toy Line Kickstarter project launched yesterday and has a $60K funding target to reach by June 9. They’re off to a good start, currently over halfway there in just a day. Give it a look!

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Spider-Man Marvel Legends (Infinite Series) Carnage – Quick Pics


[Rendered speechless by his enjoyment of the new Spider-Man Legends Carnage, Talyn shared a bunch of pics. If you want to see more of the Spider-Man Legends wave, leave a comment below. – Ron]
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