Iron Man 2 Comic Series Wave 2

AFP’s Iron Mania Week continues with a gargantuan guest review of Iron Man 2 Comic Series Wave 2 by Ash Talon. The 2nd wave of this line has just started hitting Toys R Us.

Iron Man Comic Series Wave 2.jpg

Iron Man is without a doubt my favorite comic book character. I own every issue of his several series going all the way back to Tales of Suspense #39. So when Hasbro announced a series of comic book-based action figures to run concurrently with the Iron Man 2 product, I was in heaven. It’s an idea that Hasbro mistakenly bypassed during the first Iron Man movie. But they’re learning, right?

The first wave of comic-based figures arrived in early March. Just this week, the second wave landed, and it’s just as stellar.

First up is Hulkbuster Iron Man (Figure #27).

Hulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 07.jpg

Designed to take down the Hulk, this armor is far bulkier than standard IM armor in order to pack that extra power needed to fight the Bruce Banner’s alter ego. The sculpt has plently of detail from little turbines on the back to muscle striations on the fingers to the honeycomb solar panels on the shoulder armor.

Hulk-Buster Iron Man - 1.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - 2.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - 3.jpg

Articulation is the standard for this line: cut head, ball shoulders, ball elbows, swivel wrists, ball torso, ball and swivel hips, double-knees, and ball ankles. There’s a great range of motion across the board. (note: Of the two HBs I opened, both have the right forearm rotated the wrong way. It takes a bit of effort to rotate it properly due to some Frankenstein bolts/exhausts that are blocked from rotating due to overhanging elbow armor.)

Hulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 12.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 13.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 14.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 01.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 02.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 03.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 04.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 05.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 06.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 08.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 09.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 10.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - detail 11.jpg

The red paint is only slightly metallic and darker than I would have liked. Small complaints, though. He’s about the same size as the Marvel Universe Hulk figures and quite a bit more massive than typical Universe or Iron Man figures. Overall, this is a fantastic figure which will likely be highly sought-after by fans.

Hulk-Buster Iron Man - group 01.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - group 02.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - group 03.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - group 04.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - group 05.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - group 06.jpgHulk-Buster Iron Man - group 07.jpg

Next up is “Retro” Iron Man (Figure #28).

Retro Iron Man - 4.jpg

He’s simply called Iron Man on the packaging. Basically, it’s the same figure as Wave 1’s Classic Iron Man. However, this time he’s got the pointed mask which Steve Ditko first drew. The head’s got a nice grill pattern to the mouth and just looks quite menacing. The lower torso has also been changed to reflect this armor’s lack of hip-disc batteries. A cool figure, if not really needed, especially if you already have Wave 1’s Classic Iron Man.

Retro Iron Man - 1.jpgRetro Iron Man - 2.jpgRetro Iron Man - 3.jpgRetro Iron Man - 5.jpgRetro Iron Man - 6.jpg

Third is Guardsman (Figure #29).

Guardsman - group 3.jpg

I’ve never been a huge fan of Guardsman as a character. However, I do love the idea of Guardsman Vault guards. Therefore, Guardsman is the first potential army-builder for this line. The first thing that strikes you about this figure is the sharp, metallic green.

Guardsman - 1.jpgGuardsman - 2.jpgGuardsman - 3.jpgGuardsman - 4.jpg

The sculpt is nicely detailed (he’s got quite the six-pack) and features plenty of muscle definition. The upper thighs stick out a bit farther than the hip balls which appear undersized. However, they function properly and look fine when action-posed. Articulation is once again standard for the line. This time the wrist and ankle swivels are at the boot/glove lines.

Guardsman - detail 1.jpgGuardsman - detail 2.jpgGuardsman - detail 3.jpgGuardsman - detail 4.jpg

I understand the desire to hide the joints this way, but it backfires in a small way. When the hands or feet are rotated, the muscle sculpts don’t line up. I think having the joints at the actual wrist and ankle would maintain the muscle sculpts better. A small point, though. The torso movement other than rotating is a little limited.

Guardsman - group 1.jpgGuardsman - group 2.jpgGuardsman - group 3.jpg

Fourth is “Neo-Classic” Iron Man (Figure #30).

Neo-Classic Iron Man - detail 6.jpg

Another adjectiveless Iron Man in this wave, so look for the figure’s number to help identify it on pegs. This has always been one of my favorite armors. The Silver Centurion armor jumpstarted my hardcore collecting of Iron Man comics, and the Neo-Classic was its follow-up. Part of the appeal of this armor is it appears to be a bulked-up version of the Classic armor. This figure nicely reflects that idea. Body-wise, they’re similar in size, but the torso and shoulder pads add much width.

Neo-Classic Iron Man - 1.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man - 2.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man - 3.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man - 4.jpg

The pads are on hinges much like Wave 1’s War Machine. I’m not a fan of this style of securing the pads. They can look funky when the arms are raised forward. I think it would have been better to incorporate them into the sculpt of the upper arms. He has standard articulation for this line. The torso twists fine, has some side-to-side motion, and leans back. The forward motion is non-existent, though.

Neo-Classic Iron Man - detail 1.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man - detail 2.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man - detail 3.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man - detail 4.jpg

Like the Hulkbuster, this figure features slightly-metallic, dark red paint. The gold is much darker than the classic and has a reddish wash giving it an almost burnished appearance. One final note is the lack of a specific bio for this armor on the back of the card. Instead, it simply talks about Tony Stark being Iron Man. It would have been nice to see a few details about the armor. I’ve been waiting for a good version of this armor for quite a while. Toy Biz’s Showdown figure was okay, but this version is far bulkier and solid. Another major addition to the Iron Man armory.

Neo-Classic Iron Man - detail 5.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man - detail 6.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man - detail 7.jpgNeo-Classic Iron Man.jpg

Last is Titanium Man (Figure #31).

Titanium Man - detail 5.jpg

Another classic Iron Man villain and often partner/teammate of Wave 1’s Crimson Dynamo. While I would have preferred the retro/classic, oversized version of Titanium Man (it would have been a nice change-up size-wise for the villains so far released), I understand the desire to give Titanium Man a more modern look.

Titanium Man - 1.jpgTitanium Man - 2.jpgTitanium Man - 3.jpg

This version is slightly taller than Crimson Dynamo and noticeably taller than the regular Iron Man figures. He’s got standard articulation, but once again, any forward/crunching movement for the torso is limited.

Titanium Man - detail 1.jpgTitanium Man - detail 2.jpgTitanium Man - detail 3.jpgTitanium Man - detail 4.jpgTitanium Man - detail 5.jpgTitanium Man - detail 6.jpgTitanium Man - detail 7.jpgTitanium Man - detail 8.jpg

His green is slightly-metallic and not as eye-popping as Guardsman. His visor, hand repulsors, and boot jets all have a two-color paint app (orange outside with yellow inside) which go miles to make the figure pop a bit. He’s a fantastic figure and a worthy adversary for Iron Man.

Titanium Man - group 1.jpgTitanium Man - group 2.jpgTitanium Man - group 3.jpgTitanium Man - group 4.jpg

Overall, this is an outstanding wave. Once it was revealed at Toy Fair, it became my most anticipated wave of figures revealed so far this year. Two fantastic Iron Man armors and two villains (one of which can be an army-builder good guy) in one wave. I eagerly await the third wave of the Comic Series which should be out sometime this summer. Hopefully, a fourth wave is revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con. I can see the Comic Series of Iron Man figures having some legs and lasting into next spring before emphasis shifts to Thor.

Iron Man Comic Series - Armory 1.jpgIron Man Comic Series - Armory 2.jpgIron Man vs Titanium Man 1.jpgIron Man vs Titanium Man 2.jpgIron Man vs Titanium Man 3.jpg

Good hunting,

Ash Talon

Iron Man Comic Series Wave 1 and 2.jpg

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  1. Sweet!! Nice pics Ash!! I love that you took close ups of everything!! These came out this saturday in my TRU and I missed out!! Can’t wait to get them!! Thanks for the review!!

  2. I have already seen a great review of the Hulkbuster armor, my most wanted figure of the whole line and was waffling on the Titanium Man figure but I think your pictures have just about sold me. One question though, is the left leg shorter than the right or warped because most of the pictures I have seen seem to have him leaning a bit.

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