Hasbro Marvel Exclusives on Attack of the Show

We just got done posting the hi res images for all the Hasbro exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con, and now we’ve got Attack of the Show’s Blair Butler at Hasbro’s HQ in Pawtucket, RI, with Hasbro’s Jerry Jivoin.

Check out that massive that 19-inch Galactus! And the flip up mask on the Mighty Muggs Iron Man is pretty cool too.

More Hasbro Toys for Comic-Con 2010

Blair Butler reports from the Hasbro headquarters in Rhode Island to check out more exclusive toys coming to San Diego Comic-Con, from the Superhero Squad pack, Iron Man, Spider-Man and more! Now, you have even more reason to make it to this year’s Comic-Con!

via More Hasbro Toys for Comic-Con 2010 – G4tv.com.