The Infamous ALS #IceBucketChallenge – the Action Figure / Super Hero Edition

While this ALS #IceBucketChallenge is trending all over the place, here’s the action figure / super hero edition:

I’m sure you haven’t been able to avoid seeing this awareness campaign for ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease – which has no cure or cause found yet in the 75 years since Lou Gehrig originally announced he had ALS. So even if you’re not Star Lord, Iron Man, or Green Arrow – dumping ice water over your head to raise awareness, or donating to the ALS site (my personal and drier choice), can be (IMHO) classified under “super heroic,” or at least “good deed for the day.”

Check out these super hero IBC videos and the ALS site here:

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Toy Fair 2011 – Hasbro Marvel Report – Avengers Assemble!

Thor (1280x853).jpgCaptain America (19) (1280x853).jpg

Earlier this evening, I covered the Marvel Universe / Legends portion of Hasbro’s Marvel presentation from their collectors event today. But with two potential blockbuster movies coming this summer, Hasbro has a lot to offer with their Thor and Captain America product lines. This year is all about laying the Avengers foundation – because 2012 will see a the movie franchises coming together in the Avengers movie – and that will unite Thor and Cap with Iron Man and Hulk. I’d be lying if that doesn’t fill my inner Marvel fan boy with glee – and not a small amount of trepidation that it gets screwed up. But hey – even if the movies don’t pan out, at least we’ll have some awesome toys!

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Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers – October Press Pics

No new G.I. Joes images from Hasbro in the press pics they sent over for October, but we do have Marvel, Star Wars and Transformers – 50 images in total.

The Marvel team supplied new images from Super Hero Squad and Marvel Universe 2-packs exclusive to Target. I think the MU 2-packs have already come and gone from Target shelves, at least around me. I never saw the new Punisher on shelves, and Hasbro didn’t include a shot of that 2-pack either.


Super Hero Squad

MVL SHS Captain Marvel Thanos Packaging.jpgMVL SHS Captain Marvel Thanos.jpgMVL SHS Crusaders of the Cosmos Pacakging.jpgMVL SHS Crusaders of the Cosmos.jpgMVL SHS Iron Man Dr. Strange Packaging.jpgMVL SHS Iron Man Dr. Strange.jpgMVL SHS Super Hero Falcon Hulk Packaging.jpgMVL SHS Super Hero Falcon Hulk.jpg

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G.I. Joe, Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers – September Press Pics

Hasbro has shared a ton of pictures (101 of them!) of upcoming products across its boys toys lines – GI Joe, Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers were all represented this time around. We’ll start with GI Joe – they only included one shot versus the bunch they included in the August press pics, but Sandman is liking the new line. He picked up Beachhead and the Alley Viper first, and then Firefly a few days later.

G.I. Joe

GIJ Cobra Ice Cutter Packaging.jpg
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