NECA Classic Predator


There have been many different Predator figure lines, from the original in the early 90’s to the earlier NECA movie lines, but to me this particular incarnation of the Classic Predator from the first film is a real winner.


This is primarily a display figure, and costs around $18 retail, but it still has some decent posability. The knees, elbows and wrists are all hinge and ball joints. The hips and thighs are cut joints, so it can be a little difficult to open the legs up a little, but it can be done, and the joints are hidden well. The backpack is removable, though Im not sure why.


The sculpted detail is amazing, and the paintjob isnt too bad either. The only paint issue I really have is the netting. It is sculpted on the figure and then painted, and because it is a series of thin lines, the paint doesnt always match with the sculpted netting, so you get a double netting effect. I do wish the figure had more accessories for the price, an alternate closed mouth or masked head would have been ideal.


Overall, I love what NECA has done lately, I just hope in the future we can get more accessories again with our figures as the economy improves. Toys took a big hit in accessories, prices, and scales, but it looks like things are slowly improving again. The other figures in this line look amazing as well, so I hope to see more down the line. This Predator would look great with any other Aliens or Predators you may have.

One thought on “NECA Classic Predator”

  1. I think they’re re-using this mold for the 1987 Predator, and by the time his mask is off, he’s already dropped his backpack thingie in the water, so that’s one reason why it’d be removable. I guess also because the character this represents in Predators doesn’t wear it at first.

    I’d still have preferred it either glued down or that it lock in better, personally. As it is, any time I turn his head to the left I accidentally recreate the scene of it falling off his shoulder onto the ground.

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