Four Horsemen Friday – Studio Tour

The Four Horsemen started a new regular feature yesterday – Four Horsemen Fridays. For the first FHF, they kicked it off with a tour of the Four Horsemen Studio. I get to the East Coast a few times a year, and hope to one day take the tour in person.

Beginning today, every Friday, unless some more important event arises, we’re going to give you an insiders look at the goings on at Four Horsemen Studios! Whether it be a sneak peek at some new work that’s being done, a section of the Four Horsemen studio tour, a glimpse at some of the equipment and materials we use day to day, or possibly just what’s on the menu for Taco Bell Friday that week.

For this first, inaugural Four Horsemen Friday we thought we’d give you a brief tour at some of the larger areas of the studio, and even a shot of some top-secret work being done!

In this first shot, you’re standing just outside of one of the two main entrances to Four Horsemen Studios. As you can see, this entrance leads into the large machine portion of our studio. Yeah, we know – the place is a little messy. When you’ve got as much work as we have to do right now. Things’re gonna’ get like that. I think we need to hire a maid. I wonder if the cleaning crew we used to use when we were still at McFarlane Toys is available? The first of the two machines shown here are the lathe (on the right) which is used to turn down cylindrical or round parts like articulation points for the figures or the barrel of a character’s gun. The second machine (to the left) is the vertical mill which can be used for LOTS of different fabricating applications. We’ll show you some shots of these babies in action on a future Four Horsemen Friday. We keep these two machines in a separate room from the rest of the studio because they’re very noisy and they can produce a lot of dust – not conducive to sculpting in a wax based clay. You can just make out a doorway to the far left. This is the entrance to the main area of the studio. We’ll show you more of that at another time.

Be sure to visit the Four Horsemen’s website for the rest of the tour!