NYCC 2016: Super7 May Relaunch Masters of the Universe Classics in December


Following Mattel’s abrupt San Diego Comic-Con announcement of the closure of MattyCollector at the end of this year, Super7 took over the Masters of the Universe license. They have been working closely with the Four Horsemen to plan for relaunching Masters of the Universe Classics. And while things are not set in stone, it’s possible they may ship their first MOTUC figures before Mattel ships their last.

On the slate for relaunch are “Ultimate Editions” of five classic figures: He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Faker, and Ram Man. Could these be the “first five (sort of) new prototypes” that Cornboy mentioned sending to Super7 recently? For the first four mentioned, the re-issues will come with alternate heads and accessories that represent all of the major variants for those characters. Ram Man doesn’t have any variants in the line, but I’m guessing Super7 is re-issuing him because fans felt he was under-produced in Mattel’s run.

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Toy Fair 2016: Four Horsemen Mythic Legions – Pre-Order Opens Today

Toy Fair 2016 - Four Horsemen Mythic Legions (1 of 7)

Seeing the Four Horsemen is one of my favorite stops at Toy Fair. It’s always been great to talk about their work with Mattel on DC, Masters of the Universe Classics, and now Thundercats, but it’s a special treat when they’ve got their own brands to show off. Their Toy Fair booth was predominantly about their Kickstarter Mythic Legions line, which after some delays is approaching the finish line. Most of what was on display were actual factory production figures.

And they’ve revealed that there’s more to come!

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Toy Fair 2016: Mattel DC Multiverse and Suicide Squad

Toy Fair 2016 - Mattel DC Multiverse and Suicide Squad (15 of 31)

For those of you lamenting the death of DC Universe Classics, rest assured, Mattel is beginning to ramp up DC Comics-based figures again. And they will continue to collaborate with the Four Horsemen on them. However, if you are hoping for the return of a retail line solely focused on DC / Four Horsemen figures, that’s not happening in the near term.

Mattel’s strategy to have one line that encapsulates comics, movies, TV, and video game figures is working for them. The Four Horsemen, who were once the sole collaborators on collector-oriented DC figures from Mattel, will still have a portion of that – mostly the comics-inspired figures. Most of the others are falling outside the 4H aesthetic and are being done internally or by other design partners.

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Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Test Shots Quick Pics

Four Horsemen Mythic Legions Kickstarter Test Shots (1 of 27)

Sandman was lucky enough to pick up a couple of the test shots from the Four Horsemen’s Mythic Legions Kickstarter. He says, “They are soo goood man – so glad I backed it! The gray tests have some charm.” – an understatement if I ever heard one.

He sent me a bunch of pics showing off the test shots, their poseability, and how parts can be mixed and matched. The set wouldn’t be complete without some action shots.

All the previous Mythic Legions test shots are sold out at, but the 4H announced that the test shot for Sir Valgard will be added at Noon PST today.

Grab him while he’s still available! – Ron

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Mattel and the Four Horsemen Show ThunderCats Lion-O Update

Mattel Thundercats Lion-O 0815 revision

Mattel has shared pictures of an updated head sculpt and deco for Lion-O from their upcoming ThunderCats line. When I spoke to the Four Horsemen at San Diego Comic-Con, Eric Treadaway told me he had already been through several iterations of Lion-O, and expected to do several more before the final sculpt goes into production.

I already liked what I saw at SDCC, but this is an improvement – the nose and jawline look to be a little less wide, and combined with a more subtle paint job for the eyebrows and eyes, it comes a lot closer to how I remember Lion-O from the animated show. The colors also look to be toned down a little, but that can be a little deceptive depending on the lighting conditions for the pictures.

What do you think of the updated look?

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