Wal-Mart Exclusive Iron Man 2 Mark IV

IM2 Mark IV 009.jpg

The new Wal-Mart exclusive Iron Man 2 Mark IV seems to be hitting pretty good now – well, except for my town… Luckily, my good buddy, Xavion2004 from over at the Fwoosh, found one for me in his town! So I thought I’d write a little follow up to Talyn’s Quick Pics of the Mark IV and snapped a boatload of pics.

IM2 Mark IV 001.jpgIM2 Mark IV 002.jpgIM2 Mark IV 003.jpgIM2 Mark IV 005.jpg

The Mark IV comes equipped with 3 sets of interchangeable hands, 2 heads and one of those crappy little shooters that came with the first Iron Man Movie figures. Except for the upper torso, it’s the same body as the Mark VI. IMO, the red looks much better on this figure than the VI and I’m more partial to the overall look of this armor as it’s kind of close to Iron Man’s current armor in the comics.

IM2 Mark IV 006.jpgIM2 Mark IV 007.jpgIM2 Mark IV 008.jpgIM2 Mark IV 009.jpg

The RD Jr head is a pretty close likeness but it’s a little on the pin-head side. The sunglasses are not removable, at least not without some effort. There are eyes sculpted under there if you wish to modify your Tony head as did super customizer, Raybot. The helmet head is very nice, the sculpted details are much sharper than on the Mk VI helmet. The Mk IV also has a great range of motion for the neck and head, possibly the best of all the 6 inch Iron Man Movie Figures.

IM2 Mark IV 011.jpg

IM2 Mark IV 010.jpgIM2 Mark IV 013.jpgIM2 Mark IV 014.jpgIM2 Mark IV 015.jpg

IM2 Mark IV 025.jpgIM2 Mark IV 026.jpgIM2 Mark IV 024.jpg

If you’re wondering why there are no pics of the IV along side War Machine and the VI, well, I sent War Machine to Ron and my VI is a little deconstructed right now.

IM2 Mark IV 027.jpg
Robert Downey Jr and Timothy Dalton?!

I do have a few nit-picks about the Mark IV. (Didn’t think I was gonna let the ‘Bro off that easy, did ya?)

  • The right leg is much longer than the left.
  • The lower right knee joint is pretty loose.
  • The shoulder pads pop off way too easy.
  • The ab crunch joint on mine acts like it’s spring loaded and pops him back upright.
  • Like the VI and War Machine, the hips are pinned at a 45 degree angle. Why couldn’t they be at 90 degrees so he can step forward? That one bugs me the most.
IM2 Mark IV 031.jpg
"Ha! Bourgeois American Industrialist Pig! My hips are being 90 degree pinned!"

IM2 Mark IV 021.jpg

Even with my list of nits, overall the Mark IV is my favorite Iron Man figure yet. He’s fun to pose and, as you can probably tell from the amount of images here, I had a blast shooting pics of him.

IM2 Mark IV 016.jpgIM2 Mark IV 018.jpgIM2 Mark IV 019.jpgIM2 Mark IV 022.jpg

IM2 Mark IV 029.jpg

IM2 Mark IV 030.jpgIM2 Mark IV 035.jpgIM2 Mark IV 036.jpgIM2 Mark IV 040.jpg

IM2 Mark IV 042.jpg
Urban Iron Thunder with Dalton and Downey!

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  1. I just love this toy.
    As much as I adore the classic ML1 Iron Man, this one is such a superior toy, and one of the best pieces done in the whole ML-family line.

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