More Wal-Mart Exclusive 6-Inch War Machine Pics

Yesterday for AFP Iron Mania, J Hernandez shared his pics of the Wal-Mart Exclusive 6-Inch Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine. Today, we follow that up with our own Buzzy Fret’s in-depth look at War Machine.

IM2 War Machine 040.jpg

IM2 War Machine 001.jpg IM2 War Machine 002.jpg IM2 War Machine 003.jpg IM2 War Machine 004.jpg

Marvel Legends /6-inch scale Iron Man 2 figures!!!

Last week I saw posts in the Fwoosh Marvel Toy forum that the IM2 6 inch figures were showing up in Wal-Marts, so I went hunting and bagged me a War Machine. I passed on the Mark VI armor Iron Man – I wasn’t all that crazy about the look of it and I figured since these seem to be packed 4 IMs and 2 WMs to a case, the Mark VI figures will be easy to find if I decide to get one at a later date. If you’re wondering about price, the Mark VI and War Machine retail for $12.96 and are Wal-Mart exclusives.

One interesting bit of info on the package is that these are designated as “Movie Series.” I hope that means we’ll be getting some “Comic Series” figures in 6-inch too. Let’s all close our eyes, click our heels together 3 times and repeat, 6-inch Comic Series Figures, 6-inch Comic Series Figures, 6-inch Comic Series Figures, 6-inch Comic Series Figures… Couldn’t hurt.

IM2 War Machine 007.jpg IM2 War Machine 008.jpg IM2 War Machine 010.jpg IM2 War Machine 011.jpg

IM2 War Machine 014.jpg IM2 War Machine 013.jpg IM2 War Machine 012.jpg IM2 War Machine 015.jpg

Hasbro seems to have upped their game with this figure. Way better construction than the original Iron Man movie figures, better feeling plastic which is nice and rigid and the figure overall has more mass as one would imagine a man in an armor suit would. The sculpt is great with tons of techie, interlocking detail and fiddly bits, the color scheme is a very dark (almost black) gray and silver and the military serial numbering is sharp and legible. It all adds up to War Machine looking like one tough hombre.

IM2 War Machine 017.jpg IM2 War Machine 018.jpg IM2 War Machine 019.jpg IM2 War Machine 020.jpg IM2 War Machine 016.jpg

Something else to make Marvel Legends fans jump up and shout is that War Machine (and the Mark VI) have a few more old school ML POAs than the old Iron Man Movie figures!

  • Ball in Socket Head
  • Neck Peg Swivel
  • Hinged Shoulder Pads
  • Shoulder Balls & Swivels
  • Bicep Cut – ML Style
  • Double Articulated Wrists – Peg into Forearm Socket and Swivels in the Hands
  • Ab Crunch – doesn’t have much range though
  • Double Jointed Elbows and Knees
  • Hip Balls
  • Hinged Gauntlets
  • Thigh Cuts – ML Style
  • Ankles

IM2 War Machine 048.jpg IM2 War Machine 049.jpg IM2 War Machine 050.jpg IM2 War Machine 051.jpg

All the joints are tight and don’t give me the feeling that he’ll be suffering from marionette syndrome anytime soon. The wrist swivels are the best looking ones I’ve ever seen. I usually don’t care for that POA as it tends to distort the sculpt, but these look very natural and realistic. I’m a little bummed about the hip balls though. I prefer the DCUC style hips over hip balls in general but the hip balls on War Machine were sculpted over to blend into the design and their look had me hoping they were set into the hips at 90 degrees angles (like the old SOTA Street Fighters and the ML Ultimate and Face Off Cap). Unfortunately they are set in at 45 degree angles so you have to reposition the hip ball to get any forward stepping action. Boo. C’mon, he’s in the military! He needs to be able to march!

IM2 War Machine 028.jpg IM2 War Machine 027.jpg IM2 War Machine 006.jpg

IM2 War Machine 038.jpg IM2 War Machine 039.jpg IM2 War Machine 045.jpg

IM2 War Machine 033.jpg IM2 War Machine 034.jpg IM2 War Machine 035.jpg IM2 War Machine 036.jpg IM2 War Machine 037.jpg

To add a little more bang for your buck, War Machine comes with 3 pairs of hands, a gatling gun, ammo belt and a missile launcher. The hand styles are fist, grip and open (for using his palm repulsors). They are very easy to swap out but the pegs are a little skinny and I would exercise some care so as not to break them. The missile launcher plugs into a socket hidden under the plate over his right coller bone. Unfortunately there is a considerable gap left in the sculpt when the plate is on but I have to assume that is so you can get your thumbnail in there to pop it off. The gatling gun mounted on War Machine’s back is also movable and removable. It can be positioned on his right or left by sliding it along the bar it clamps onto and it also spins 360 degrees. The ammo belt slides into a slot on the side of the gun and into a slot in War Machine’s back but it hinders movement of the gun quite a bit. As you can see, the gun that came with my figure was a little warped my the packaging, should be able to straighten it out with the hair dryer and some cold water though.

IM2 War Machine 042.jpg IM2 War Machine 043.jpg IM2 War Machine 044.jpg

Overall I think the Wal-Mart Exclusive Iron Man 2 War Machine is a pretty nice figure and it gives me some hope for the future of Marvel Legends figures yet to come from Hasbro.

IM2 War Machine 041.jpg

Happy hunting!