NECA Announces Motorized Gizmo Figures from Gremlins

I’ve stood in Toys R Us with holding the NECA Gremlins figures in my hands, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I thought I’d be able to show them to my wife and get the green light, but that still wasn’t enough. Perhaps a motorized Gizmo in the convertible will do the trick – that’s one of our favorite scenes in the movie.

Gizmo’s Gotta Motor

“Go Gizmo Go” Motorized Figures Coming Soon

We can’t officially advocate you getting them wet, feeding them after midnight or exposing them to bright light, but we can say your life might be more interesting if you did.

Who would’ve thought that 26 years after its original release, Gremlins would still be as much fun as the day it came out? One of the most landmark movies of the 1980s, it has grown with the generation who first loved it into a genuine cultural phenomenon.

And if we here at NECA know about anything, it’s genuine cultural phenomenons.

In that interest, we bring you a new assortment of motorized Gremlins figures, each depicting the most famous Mogwai of them all, Gizmo. Pick your poison:

All arriving in blister packaging, we’ve got Gizmo in his gift box, Gizmo standing on his own two feet, and Gizmo driving in his red convertible. Safe to say, whatever your Gizmo wishes might be, they’re covered.

Each figure features pull-back-and-go motorized action and, of course, a totally accurate and adorable movie likeness to his fuzzy self. If you think you’re up to the responsibility of owning one… you probably are (cue spooky music).

Our assortment of Go Gizmo Go figures hits stores next month and will be featured on our Amazon storefront.

via || National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc..