Hot Toys Announces 10th Anniversary Exclusive Figures

Oof. Exclusive Hot Toys figures available at Christmas, only in Japan? This will put a dent in many holiday budgets.

We’ll have a closer look at the Michael Jackson and Batman Begins figures up shortly.

Celebrating Hot Toys 10th Anniversary

Many fans may have already known that this year is the 10th anniversary of Hot Toys. To celebrate our 10th years of craftsmanship and quality, we will be having our first-of-its-kind fabulous anniversary event during Christmas!

Amid guessing of the 10th anniversary special last week, here we are proud to unveil our 10th ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION “THE 1/6TH SCALE RENAISSANCE DECADE” which will be taken place in Tokyo from Dec 24-26, 2010!

What’s more, there will be Hot Toys 10th anniversary exclusive items which will be available at the event:

  • Batman Begins: 1/6th scale Batman Demon & Scarecrow Collectible Figures Set
  • 1/6th scale Michael Jackson (Beat It version) Collectible Figure
  • 20th Century Boys: 1/6th scale Friend Collectible Figure

Come join us to celebrate the success of Hot Toys and enjoy the precious moments with us there!

More exciting elements will be available there. For more info, please stay tuned with

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5 thoughts on “Hot Toys Announces 10th Anniversary Exclusive Figures”

  1. Why does Hot Toys’ website have viruses/malware on it? I just type it in Google (using Firefox) and get the unsafe site alert. Then if you click the link for the reason you are seeing the alert, it gets scarier. They list the number of times Google spider has scanned the site and how many times it’s found malware, auto downloads etc.

    Is it because it is a Chinese site? I want to check out their awesome figures, but not at this expense.

  2. I’m pretty well-protected on my PC and have clicked through – never gotten a warning from virus or spyware protection when visiting their site. I’m not sure why they’re getting the Google alerts.

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