Hasbro Marvel Legends Fan Favorite 2-Packs Winter Soldier and Black Widow (Regular and Variant)


Today we’re taking a look at the long overdue Pic Review of the Marvel Legends Two-Pack Winter Soldier and Black Widow. I’ve had this in the backburner for a while now and I finally found the time to finish it!


Just to be clear as I didn’t take pics of them in-package, red star Winter Soldier and grey Black Widow is the variant set, and red, white and blue star Winter Soldier and black Black Widow is the regular set. I kinda scrambled them in the pics!

Let’s have a look at Winter Soldier first!


Ron’s Thanksgiving figure pick, is in my opinion, the best of the wave. He shares body parts with Punisher from the Nemesis Wave, but you can hardly tell with the nice additions that Hasbro did to the Punisher body. ┬áThe excellent head sculpt, the soft plastic torso costume sculpt, and new boots really separate the figure from the older Punisher buck.


Both versions of Grown-up Bucky come with a long-haired and a short haired head sculpt. The long-haired sculpt matches the variant (red-star) version, depicting his time as a Soviet assassin. The regular version (red,white, blue star) with his short-haired look, is Bucky free from the Soviet brainwashing.


I love the different colored stars, that’s some great attention to detail by Hasbro.

Aside from the different-colored stars, the straps on his costume have a lighter tan color on the “good” Winter Soldier.



Both Winter Soldiers also come with a handgun which fits on his leg holster and a machine gun. The gun he’s holding below belongs to Black Widow, I think it looks better on him.


The buck’s height has been fixed by the new lower legs, so even thought the Nemesis Punisher was quite tall, Winter Soldier here is about the same height as ML “Face-Off” Cap.

His paint apps are also awesome, with some nice tonal changes and drybrushing all around.


His hip articulation is a bit limited due to the sculpt, he can’t do some really athletic moves, but the sculpt’s so good I really don’t mind. He can still do some nice action stances. I do wish he had an alternate open hand for his bionic arm. He has to hold his machine gun with one hand.


I really love this figure, for me, he’s one of the best Hasbro has made for the Marvel Legends line. The differing stars and head sculpts is a nice touch as it makes buying both versions of him worthwhile.


Now onto the Black Widow!


I have to say Hasbro did a good job with this ladies’ body buck. Maria Hill from the previous Shield 2-pack also uses this body, and even though the legs are on the skinny side, I still like this sculpt. I’m glad they used it on Black Widow here, and I’m wishing they used it on Valkyrie (with some upgrades maybe) also.

Anyways, she’s got the new upper torso with that sexy look. I remember the old ML Black Widow had her zipper up, this one shows more cleavage! I’m sure this upper torso will come in handy for a Black Cat one day too!


You can see her bellybutton, which might drive some people nuts, but it’s forgivable for me as I do like this body buck. The regular “black” Black Widow fares better because she has that yellow belt to kinda cover it up.


Again, both versions come with alternate short-haired and long-haired looks. I’m partial to the short haired sculpt as it looks the better of the two. The long-haired sculpt has a “mullet” look about it in certain angles, and it has a more lazy-eyed paint application. There are angles where it looks okay, but I tend to stick to the short-haired look on both figures.


Paint apps on both versions look really good. I especially like the black version’s paint apps. The glossy shine and subtle highlights look really good. I only wish they had painted her shooters and belt metallic gold.


Aside from the extra head, both versions also come with a machine gun and a pistol. The handle on the machine gun is a little bit small, but it does help that her pointy finger can go through the trigger hole.



Action pic time!




These two-packs are exclusive to Toys ‘R’ Us with a $29.99 price tag for each set. I got them for $24.99 when they first came out, TRU has raised the price to $29.99 since then (what’s up with that?)

So there you have it. You guys can tell I really like this set. It shows what Hasbro can do when they pay attention to detail. I do hope this is a preview of what they’ll do with the 2012 Marvel Legends relaunch. Of course there are still some things they can fix, but I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen with this 2-pack!

Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed the pics!


3 thoughts on “Hasbro Marvel Legends Fan Favorite 2-Packs Winter Soldier and Black Widow (Regular and Variant)”

  1. man i really want that black version of the black widow, only seen the variant ones, such a great looking figure!

  2. Awesome pics. I love both versions of the Widow, but I use the long hair on the black and the short hair on the grey because it’s “comic accurate”.

  3. Thanks Ninjak! Yeah, my brain says use long hair for black costume, but my heart says short! I do wish they went with a headsculpt similar to the Bowen Black Widow Statue with that split between her bangs and the back hair, I love that sculpt and it’s more like her iconic hairstyle.

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