G.I. JOE Pursuit of Cobra 2011 Wave 1 Snake Eyes


Welcome 2011!!! First up for a pic review this year is one real nice figure from the G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra line — 2011 Wave 1 Snake Eyes! We’ve seen this figure on display at 2010’s Comic Con, and it quickly became one of my most anticipated figures from this line. It looked like it would surpass the 25th Anniversary Snake Eyes that we had a couple of years ago, let’s find out if it did!


Snake Eyes shows up in this wave in his goggled, commando look, and I have to say this is the best version of this look I have ever seen. The headsculpt looks really good, and his body sculpt has a lot of different textures and small details. Add the plethora of accessories he has, I’d say this action figure is just pure win.


Let’s face it Snake Eyes has always been a cool character. A silent, ninja-commando who can just kick anybody’s ass, who wouldn’t love him? This figure exudes that same coolness.



He’s taller than his 25th Anniversary version and Storm Shadow. I do like the proportions on these newer figures – you can see the difference when they’re side by side with the older versions.


He’s got these two elastic bands hanging on his harness, which I don’t quite know what they’re for. It doesn’t bother me as much but some people might not like them just hanging there without purpose. I wrapped those elastic bands on his thigh pouch and holster too see if he looks better without them.

I’ve mentioned the wealth of accessories he has, and like most figures in this line they really loaded him up.

He’s got 2 handguns, an uzi, a machine gun, 2 silencers (which can attach to the uzi and the handgun), 3 swords (2 come with scabbards), and two knives. He’s also has an ammo satchel and the requisite figure stand. Oh and as I mentioned he has the alternate visored headsculpt. His harness can come off and so do his kneepads.


A couple of nitpicks on the accessories:

I’m not a big fan of the knife sheath on his shoulder, it’s a good thing that it is removable, if you prefer to display him without it. It will leave a small empty peg hole on his shoulder strap though.

Also, the ammo satchel strap is made of stiff plastic and it doesn’t quite hang right on Snake Eyes. I tried a couple of variations and I couldn’t get it to look good, so that particular accessory is staying off of him.


I’ve always liked Snake Eyes’ visored look but in this case I think his goggled look just looks more appropriate on this body. Having said that, it still does look cool when you put it on.


Articulation is the typical Joe articulation with one nice addition – wrist hinges. The hinges are on the sides of his wrists, very much like the Vintage Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, so it adds some nice sword and gun-wielding poseability.

One thing that I wish Hasbro would incorporate on their base bodies are hip swivels. It would add sooo much to their poseability. I sure hope they are finding a way to design that in, like they have it in their MU line. Add in a neck hinge for looking up and down and you pretty much have perfect 3.75-inch Joe figures.


Here, I tried out 25th Anniversary’s grenade strap/belt on this Snake Eyes. It would probably look better if it was all black.


More pics comin’ at ya:



For me, this is the best version of Snake Eyes we have up to now. He’s got great sculpting all around, with some nice attention to detail. He’s got a nice array of accessories, and I’m happy I have a choice of whether to display him with his visored look or his goggled head.

Now if we can only get a Storm Shadow of the same level – so far I haven’t been impressed by the Storm Shadows that have come out of this line.

Well that’s it for now. I hope everyone had a nice holiday, thanks for looking, and I hope you all enjoyed the pics!



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  1. I got one too, certainly my favorite SE! And the new visor/goggle design, I remember the old ROC City Strike (Resolute) SE’s box-art depicted that look as well. I was a little disappointed that the ROC one’s head didn’t reflect that design, but I am very pleased they sculpted it for this SE instead of rehashing the Resolute head (which they ended doing with the Jungle/tornado kick SE).

    I wonder what there doing for the SE’s in the line (assuming there is another one coming) since there seems to be a trend of giving SE’s a different head for every entry in the POC line.

  2. Thanks for looking Hantei! Yeah I remember the Resolute/City Strike SE looked good, but I always thought they weren’t his iconic looks. This version however, even though it’s updated, kinda looks iconic to me. It’ll be hard to top this SE, unless they add some new articulation! I’m sure there’ll be more though as he is the “Wolvie” of the Joeverse!

  3. I think this just about makes for my definitive SE. There are a couple of small things I would have changed, like I think the neck is too long, as are the straps between the legs, but not much else.

    The straps between the legs are supposed to be tight, based on the figure shown at JoeCon. I went ahead and bought two of these guys, so I could tighten the straps on one, but have a spare if I screwed up. The straps were pretty easy to fix. You’ll notice that they are glued into place underneath some plastic tabs, just pull off one of the tabs then pull the straps loose, cut them to preferred length (then I’d recommend burning the tips to keep fraying at a minimum), just glue them back on the tab, wait to dry, and glue the tab back into place. All in all it took about three minutes for me to do this, then I gave it about ten minutes to dry before putting it back on the figure and I think it looks much better now.

  4. Wait when did this SE hit retail? I got one late December, I thought the SE w/timber was newer. Haven’t seen that one yet.

  5. Thanks for the info on the straps clark! I didn’t even notice that they’re shorter on the Hasbro displays. Also thanks for the fix idea.

    Will, I’ve started seeing remnants of this wave (mostly Duke) in my local Targets last week, so they are hitting retail! Hope you find one soon this fig is awesome!

  6. Wooa…

    I am collectors of G.I.joe from my infancy and when they went out the line of 25th anniversary I was renuent to buying them, but the last designs have made me surprised, every time they do them more and more elaborated and with attractive attachments, this snake eyes is perfect to add to my collection.

  7. I love the figure and the pictures! Wow he looks so good! I use to collect them from when they first started at 12″ and then the 3.75. This is the best SE I have seen. I still get the SE figures and Storm Shadow, they are my favorites with the ninjas. I been following this site for awhile. I love that you are like me and open and play with your figures Smile. I am a 54 year old big kid! LOL! By the way, where do you get your backgrounds? do you make then yourself? I am impressd.

  8. Wow! definitely a must have. Only drawback is the long straps but thanks to Clark for guiding us how to fix it. It’s nice that you posed him with the other joes but I don’t remember you reviewing some of them like Recondo, Dusty and Bruce Lee <– lol. Could you posed him on the other MU figs?

  9. Thanks for looking Shirlanka! Yes these Pursuit of Cobra figure have really elaborate accessories, especially this Snake Eyes. The silencers come on and off his handgun and uzi, and one of the silencers can actually be stored in his thigh holster! Pretty impressive for a 3.75 inch figure!

    Kg1officer, thanks for commenting! I’m glad that you like the pics! Regarding the backgrounds, the stairs with the wall come from Tech Deck’s “Street Tour” line, it’s a replica of a popular skating location and it comes with a small skateboard. The other stuff are from different action figure accessories, like the cement floors, which are from DC Direct action figure stands.

  10. I should have mentioned earlier that if you choose to tighten the straps, especially to the point where they are up against his crotch (like I did), expect to leave the harness on him at all times, because the only way to take off and put back on the harness is to take apart his right leg. Otherwise you’ll risk stretching the straps past the point that they, or the superglue used, can handle. I expect this is why the final figure has the longer straps, so you can easily remove the web gear.

  11. Nicefigs, yeah, I never got around to reviewing Recondo, Dusty and good ‘ol Bruce. There have been so many good releases lately I haven’t been able to review everything! Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze them in a group review of some sort! I’ll try to squeeze in some MU comparisons too! Thanks!

    Thanks for the clarification, Clark. I do remember I had to stretch those bands over his legs to get the harness off of Snake Eyes, good point on why they’re as long as they are!

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