Hot Toys Bruce Lee Smiling Head Sculpt

This head sculpt is simply amazing – somehow they’ve managed to make a big improvement from what they originally showed for this head sculpt at the start of the year. I can’t wait to see more Bruce Lee from Hot Toys.

“Be water, my friend”. There is no wonder that Bruce Lee is the forever icon of ours!

Many of us may have seen him in front of the camera, but how about the time when he was behind-the-scenes?

Now we are happy to show to our and his fans his smiley face which captures his happiness and truly retrospects to his 70s in his classic and iconic style! And we hope to bring you with his spirit and philosophy via the soul of his collectible figures as if he were still alive.

via “Be water, my friend”.

2 thoughts on “Hot Toys Bruce Lee Smiling Head Sculpt”

  1. Man, that’s amazing. If anything could get me started buying Hot Toys, it would be their Bruce Lee stuff.

    They need to include his gigantic 70’s sunglasses with that head sculpt!

  2. Holy mother of God in a sidecar with jimmies and a lobster bib. If it wasn’t for the articulation at the neck there, this sculpt would be dangerously close to crossing into the uncanny valley.

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