CFP – Mattel Snake-Men? and Masters of the Universe Classics King Hssss Free Stuff Giveaway

What’s Friday without another installment of

Mattel Snakemen (1280x1280)

One of the first things that came to mind when I got the Masters of the Universe King Hssss in hand (thank you, Mattel!) was how Jake the Snake Roberts would feel. Mattel’s generosity can be your gain – at long last – another Free Stuff giveaway! This time around, we’ll be giving away one carded King Hssss, sealed up in his white mailer box, from my Club Eternia subscription.

Three very simple ways to enter, for up to three chances to win:

  1. Submit a caption for this picture using “Leave a Reply” below.
  2. Head to our AFP Facebook page, press the Like button, and leave a comment on our wall about which of the Snake Men is your most wanted.
  3. Follow our AFP Twitter feed (@ActionFigPics) and retweet this giveaway to your followers.

We’ll announce the winner, who will be selected at random, on Monday – so you’ll know in advance of Tuesday’s sale date on Good luck!

19 thoughts on “CFP – Mattel Snake-Men? and Masters of the Universe Classics King Hssss Free Stuff Giveaway”

  1. [b]King H:[/b] Your story in “Beyond the Mat” was sadder than the [i]New Adventures{/i] sculpts.
    [b]Jake:[/b] *teardrop*

  2. Jake: I hope you don’t mind me bagging these snakes for my next match.
    King Hssss. You bag snakes?!?! You sicko!

  3. Feeling that one snake wouldn’t be enough for a fight against King Hsss, Jake Roberts decided that gluing multiple snakes together was a much more effective route.


  5. Jake, I don’t know how to tell you this….. I’d really love to have those boots, man. It’s your call… the easy way or the hard way?

  6. King Hsss: “Sorry, Jake, you’re just too hairy to be a snake. How about ‘The Badger?’… Yep, Jake ‘The Badger’ Roberts.”

  7. Jake the Snake: “Do you smell what the Snake is cooking?”

    King Hsss: “No, I don’t…but I smell your arm-pitsssss.”

  8. JS: “Yeah I AM on a drug. It’s called. ‘Jakethesnake.’ It’s not available, ‘cuz if you try it once you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.”

    KH: “…”

    JS: “Are you staring at my goddess? You’re awesome. I love you.”

  9. Jake ‘the snake’: “you were supposed to stay in the sack and let me carry your slithery a** to the ring, not walk alongside with me…”

    King Hisss: (with a sarcastic, blank stare at Jake)”…serious??? that’s Damian’s job to be in the sack…I’M king hisss!”

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