CC30: Star Wars Legends – Dark Empire / Deluxe Figures by Lestat

After many fan requests, Lucasfilm is releasing a limited edition set of 6-inch scale Star Wars figures. There will be a series of figures from each movie and EU figures voted on by the fans. These figures will feature multiple points of articulation, cloth accessories, and top notch sculpts. Series 1.5 includes one two pack and one deluxe figure / vehicle pack.

Luke Skywalker/ Emperor Palpatine two pack

This two pack is based on the popular graphic novel Dark Empire. This novel details Luke’s attempt to learn the ways of the dark side in an attempt to defeat it from within.

Both Luke and the Emperor feature multiple points of articulation and cloth accessories. Luke comes with three lightsabers. One that is his personal lightsaber and a double lightsaber that breaks in to two! All of his lightsabers have both red and green blades so you can have a Jedi or Sith version of the Rebel hero.

Palpatine has multiple hands (not pictured) and comes with his World Devastator command chair.

Imperial heavy armor Scout Trooper and Swoop Bike

These troopers were deployed during the assault on Imperial City. Able to use their gauntlets to pilot their swoop bikes, these troops were a force to be reckoned with. The Scout Trooper comes with a rifle and three pistols.

The speeder bike features soft goods pouches and rifle holsters.

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