CC30: GI Joe Legends – Serpentor and Air Chariot by Fugazi

Here’s a six inch Serpentor in all his glory. He comes with his trusty Air Chariot and pet cobra to fly around and terrorize the world. The Joe’s are going to have a hard time trying to take out this evil menace.

Rick Dries – [email protected]


  • Body- ML Face Off Punisher
  • Head- DCUC Copperhead
  • Face- Legendary Hero’s Conan
  • Cape- modified ML Adam Warlock
  • Base of Air Chariot- ML Hulkbuster glider
  • Serpentors Cobra hood- sheet styrene and apoxie sculpt
  • Sword- toothpick and apoxie sculpt
  • Cobra hood/head portion of Air Chariot- sheet styrene and apoxie sculpt
  • Cobra- cheap rubber snake from dollar store
  • All details on Serpentor were sculpted with apoxie sculpt

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