CC30: Star Wars Legends – The Empire Strikes Back by Lestat

After many fan requests, Lucasfilm is releasing a limited edition set of 6-inch scale Star Wars figures. There will be a series of figures from each movie and EU figures voted on by the fans. These figures will feature multiple points of articulation, cloth accessories, and top notch sculpts.

  • Luke Skywalker-Bespin – Luke Skywalker stands about 6 inches tall and features a removable blaster pistol, lightsaber with removable blade, and cloth outfit with realistic weathering.
  • Darth Vader – The Dark Lord of the Sith is about 7 inches tall and features cloth accessories and a removable lightsaber blade
  • Boba Fett – Boba fett comes with a removable blaster rifle and removable rocket pack.
  • Concept IG-88 – This IG-88 is based on conceptual art that never made it into ESB. He has swappable weapons attachments and multiple points of articulation.

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