Return of Marvel Legends Terrax Wave – Hope Summers

Now for your consideration – the ROML Terrax Wave Figure 2 – Hope Summers.

I haven’t read an X-Men book since reading the TPB collections of the Whedon/Cassady run on Astonishing X-Men, so I knew absolutely zilch about this character. But from a quick Google search I learned that Hope is Cable’s adopted mutant daughter that he whisked away to the future to raise and keep safe from those that think her to be a danger to mankind.

Base Body > Elektra/Skrullektra (from the Elektra/Ronin 2 Pack) with Carter/Hill/Widow Feet

Height > 6 Inches

POA > 26

BAF Part > Terrax Head & Axe

Hasbro is getting a lot of mileage out of this base body, especially the lower torso which has been used for Sharon Carter, Maria Hill, and more recently, Black Widow. I’m not a big fan of it in its normal state, but I have seen it put to good use for many a custom. My main beef with it is the elongated, skinny legs. Hasbro needs to come up with some new legs for this body that are more shapely and feminine. Maybe I’m just too damn picky.

New Parts for Unique Character Details > Head, Scarf-Poncho-Rag Thing, Gauntlets and Lower Legs

Like fellow Terrax Wave-mate, Steve Rogers, Hope has a big head and, I’m sorry to say, it’s not the greatest looking female action figure face I’ve ever seen. There is a silver lining though; her wind blown, red hair has been beautifully sculpted.

The gauntlets are made of soft rubber and are free floating on her forearms while the details on her lower legs are all part of the leg mold. The sculpt work for the gauntlets and lower legs is very well done and full of detail which are accentuated by the terrific the paint apps.

And speaking of paint apps, I would be remiss to not mention that the paint apps for the whole figure are extremely tight and clean.

Her raggedy poncho is also made of a soft rubbery plastic and is very detailed to look, well, old and ragged. The poncho is also removable as, like the other figures that this body has been utilized for, Hope’s head pops right off with very little effort.

Accessories > Big, honkin’, Cable style Gun

Like her adoptive father, Hope favors a huge, techno lookin’, bad ass weapon. Unfortunately she can’t hold it very well and the weight of the gun makes her fall over way too easy. It sure does look cool though.

Not the most exciting figure for me but I can appreciate the details that really stand out on her. If I had any connection to the character, there are enough good things about this figure that would make modifying her a pretty simple task.

Next up – Extremis Iron Man.


4 thoughts on “Return of Marvel Legends Terrax Wave – Hope Summers”

  1. I like this review as it shares my thoughts too (aka I don’t know who she is but everything comes together well). The gun is from Forge too so it’s nice to see it reused somewhere else.

  2. I’ve seen a few reviews where the size of the heads have been mentioned, I don’t have an issue with them, they look fine to me. I have tended to feel that in the past the Legends heads have at times been too small – Black Panther to name one. The mattel Catman figure suffers from the same voodoo shrunken head issue – give me bigger heads everytime!

  3. @ > Cory – The background is just a piece of black construction paper I bought at Michael’s craft store.

    @ > tool486 – Thanks! I didn’t know that gun was part of that 2 Pack.

    @ > Stevie – Yep, shrunken heads are another problem in the realm of 6 inch action figures.

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