Hot Toys Teases The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman and Quarter Scale Batman

A couple of Hot Toys quickies tonight. First up, a couple of teases from The Dark Knight Rises. I’m sure Anne Hathaway got more than a few engines revving when she hopped on the Bat Pod. As the tease was double-billed as Catwoman and Selina Kyle, I’m wondering if we won’t see more than the skin-tight cat suit for this figure – would Hot Toys go so far as to give us a French maid’s uniform?

Interesting for Hot Toys to be going into the 1/4 scale size. I’d expect this Batman to have more detail and more accessories, but am curious as to what they will do with the articulation in the larger size. We’ll stay tuned to news from Ani-Com Hong Kong this weekend, where they will be revealing both figures. Wish I could be there!

Source: Hot Toys