ThreeA Toys Halo Figures On Sale Next Week

I love it when I happen to stay up late and catch a new 3A Toys reveal. I was blown away by the Halo Commander Carter at San Diego Comic-Con and am psyched to see it come up for order so soon afterwards.

How long we’ll be waiting for them to ship is another matter entirely. 😉

For those of you who are used to buying McFarlane Halo figures, these might come with a little sticker shock at $200, but I think they’ll blow you away. Fully articulated, individual fingers? Fiber optic lighting? Magnetic attachment points for weapons? Awesome. I’m psyched for the 3AA exclusive figure and think that might be the version I pick up.

These should be going on sale at Bambaland Store at 6PM PST on August 31.

Source: 3A Toys