Hot Toys Reveals The Dark Knight Rises: Selina Kyle / Catwoman

Sadly, my wish for Selina Kyle in an alternate French maid’s costume has not come to pass, but that won’t stop me from jumping on this upcoming Hot Toys release, rooted hair and all. She’s somewhat low on the accessories (no, she doesn’t come with the Tumbler!) but hopefully that will give my wallet a break from all the Hot Toys suffering it’s endured recently. I am not sure if I recall this correctly, but I thought she was to come with a gun that would attach to the Tumbler – but no sign of that in the pics or the write-up from Hot Toys.

Not yet showing up in a search for Catoman Selina Kyle at Sideshow Toys, but I expect her to be added shortly.

Following the great response of The Dark Knight Rises movie and our movie-accurate collectibles, Hot Toys is proud to present the highly anticipated female character – the 1/6th scale Selina Kyle/ Catwoman Collectible Figure from this movie.

The collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Anne Hathaway as the prominent character Selina Kyle/ Catwoman, highlighting the movie-accurate head sculpt, hair implantation, highly detailed costume and accessories.

via The Dark Knight Rises: Selina Kyle/ Catwoman Collectible Figure.

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