STGCC 2012: Press Preview Day featuring Hot Toys and More

Angelica Hot Toys 3.JPGCaptain America Hot Toys 5.JPGGordon SWAT Hot Toys 2.JPGAstro-Boy vinyl.JPGThundercats Lion-O Muum Ra.JPGDooodolls plush.JPG

Jedd-the-Jedi was onsite for us today at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention’s Press Preview Day, and has sent us some pics!

These are the photos from the press preview today. Most of them are of the three Hot Toys figures. There’s a photo of the exclusive Thundercats Lion-O (Mumm Ra version) as well, and of ZC World’s Vinyl Collectible Astro Boy. Today’s line-up of toys and collectibles is just a teeny tiny sampling of what will be on the show floor when the convention proper takes place over the weekend.

Comic book artist Leinil Yu happens to be a big fan of Hot Toys figures, the first one he bought being an Iron Man 2 War Machine. He told me that he’s thinking of using them as reference material, drawing portraits based on the figures, and was surprised at how articulated the Sucker Punch Baby Doll figure was – you can cock the hip!

Stay tuned for updates from Jedd at STGCC over the next few days.

Hot Toys Pirates of the Caribbean Angelica

Angelica Hot Toys box.JPGAngelica Hot Toys specs.JPGAngelica Hot Toys 1.JPGAngelica Hot Toys 2.JPGAngelica Hot Toys accessories.JPG

Hot Toys Captain America Rescue Version

Captain America Hot Toys 1.JPGCaptain America Hot Toys 2.JPGCaptain America Hot Toys 3.JPGCaptain America Hot Toys 6.JPGCaptain America Hot Toys specs.JPGCaptain America Hot Toys 4.JPGCaptain America Hot Toys box.JPGCaptain America Hot Toys hands.JPG

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Jim Gordon SWAT Version

Gordon SWAT Hot Toys 1.JPGGordon SWAT Hot Toys 3.JPGGordon SWAT Hot Toys box.JPGHot Toys SWAT Gordon specs.JPGGordon SWAT Hot Toys hands.JPG

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