Quick Pic – Hulk – the Wal-Mart Face-Off

Here’s a quick pic I took of the two best Hulks I have in my collection – the Wal-Mart exclusive Avengers Hulk and the Marvel Legends Face-Off Hulk. I wanted to frame their silhouettes with light, so I positioned my two LED book lights off to the back and sides of them, so that each light was lighting the back of one figure and the front of the other. I also wanted a little color on both figures instead of completely dark silhouettes, so I used my cheap DIY reflector to bounce just a little light onto them from in front and above them.

I think the Wal-Mart Hulk has got the most effective articulation of any of the Hulks I’ve gotten so far, but I still love the sculpt and texture of the Face-Off Hulk, and I don’t think there will ever be a Hulk that tops the Face-Off Hulk’s head sculpt. Which of these two is your favorite? And if there’s another Hulk that tops your list, who is it?

6 thoughts on “Quick Pic – Hulk – the Wal-Mart Face-Off”

  1. Those are both excellent Hulks. I even had the Face-off one. But I got rid of it because I only need one Hulk in my collection and it’s the Smart Hulk from Hulk Classics II.
    And I think a huge part of that is how much I loved Peter David’s run on the Hulk before and after issue #377, when the Smart Hulk debuted. Usually I go for the iconic version of any character but I have a special fondness for the Smart Hulk, and that toy is magnificent. It’s a killer sculpt, excellent articulation and design, and overall great toy that really stands up as one of the best ToyBiz pieces.

  2. My default Hulk is still Face-off Hulk. He’s the only Hulk on my shelf. Even though, I have both the Marvel Select and Walmart Exclusive Movie Series Hulks. All three are fantastic figure, in their own way.

  3. I finally got my hulks! I got both of the diamond select, the original and the avengers version. I just couldn’t figure out which I liked more. I will say that the Avengers version has a better looking face but the original select’s body looks better. Love the site!

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