Kidrobot Street Fighter Mini Figures Instapics

Here are some quick pictures of some of the Street Fighter Mini Figures by Kidrobot.

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My wife picked these up while we were at Rotofugi (also check out the Lucha Libre! Customized Figures at Rotofugi Gallery Art Show.) We cleaned them out of their remaining 3 blind boxed figures and then asked if we could swap out with the ones on display, since we got two E. Hondas. My wife changed her mind, so instead of that we just bought the three display figures too.

These little guys are 3-inches and have swivels at the neck and shoulders. As you can see, they have the main characters and their Player Two colorways. Ryu and Ken are awesome, but I think Chun Li came out a little plain. Maybe if she were in her Player One colors she’d pop a little more. I love that Dhalsim comes with a detachable Yoga Flame. Think we’ll have to get more of these!

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