Mattel Man of Steel Movie Masters Pics Hit the Web

Man of Steel - Movie Masters - Superman Man of Steel - Movie Masters - Jor-El Man of Steel - Movie Masters - Zod

Looks like the Toy Fair can’t get here quick enough – pictures of Mattel’s Movie Masters line-up for the upcoming Man of Steel are out in force. The Superman reboot hits theaters June 14, which means toys should hit shelves in the March / April timeframe. The sculpts look nicely detailed and the likenesses are good, I think especially so in the case of Russell Crowe’s Jor-El – but Supes and Zod look pretty good too. I will miss the ab crunch for those much needed flying poses, especially if Mattel stays consistent with its current neck articulation setup, which allows for no up or down movement.

We’ll get a closer look at Mattel’s press event at Toy Fair in a couple weekends.

Enterprising Fwooshers found these images, referencing Variety (WB toying with Superman merchandise) and (General Zod stars in ‘Man of Steel’ tie-in toys). Nice work, guys!

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