Mattel DC Unlimited “Red Rain” Batman and New 52 Darkseid Pics at Hero Complex

The pre-Toy Fair previews keep coming, with Mattel revealing an Elseworlds vampire Batman and the New 52 Darkseid from the DC Unlimited line via the LA Times Hero Complex site. I’m not too keen on picking up a vampire Batman if Mattel has no plans for his nemesis, Dracula – and I doubt they do. And I can’t help thinking that Darkseid’s lower half got hit by some sort of shrinking ray the Atom whipped up.

Looks like character selection will continue to be limited. With DC Universe Classics scaled back, Mattel’s retail pattern for its Unlimited lines is still holding to either New 52 characters or Batman or Superman.

The Hero Complex also had the Man of Steel Movie Masters Jor-El that we got a look at yesterday.

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The Vampire Batman figure is based on the Batman vampire trilogy (1991′s “Batman and Dracula: Red Rain,” 1994′s “Batman: Bloodstorm” and 1998′s “Batman: Crimson Mist”) from the DC Comics imprint Elseworlds. In the trilogy, by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones, Batman becomes a vampire in order to face Dracula.

All four figures are priced at $14.99 and slated to hit shelves this spring for toy fair season, including the Nuremberg Toy Fair, which runs Jan. 30 through Feb. 4, and the New York Toy Fair, which runs Feb. 10-13.

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5 thoughts on “Mattel DC Unlimited “Red Rain” Batman and New 52 Darkseid Pics at Hero Complex”

  1. A Red Rain Batman is a decent variation of Batman, sjre, why not, but those little wings are just too funny. Jeez, Mattel, skimp out much?

  2. These are two rough looking figures.  Batman:  Wings AND a cape??  Darkseid looks like he has brains on his shoulders.  I think TFitz may be right….worst figure of the year.

  3. Bigger wings on the Vampire Batman Mattel,and I’ll buy it. At least Batman Unlimited is giving us somewhat accurate Batman varients instead of multi-colored made-up crap. Hopefully we will see more bat family/villian figures in this line at toyfair.

  4. Wings are too small on Batman ,and Red Rain Bats should have ALL THE CAPE EVER. Also, doesn’t really convey how terrifying Bats looked in Red Rain..

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