McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Series Four Preview Pics

McFarlane Toys announced the lineup for series 4 of their TV-based action figures for The Walking Dead, and thanks to BigBadToyStore we’ve got our first look at them. With Andrea, Carl, and the Governor, they’ve got some of the big hitters from season 3 of the show. The lineup also includes 2 more zombies (of which you can never have enough) and a 2-pack of the bad-ass brothers Merle and Daryl.

I know a few folks who didn’t pick up Daryl when they had the chance, so they’ll want to jump on this set and then customize a walker version of Merle if they’ve already got his single-packed figure.


Let The Battle Between The Prison & Woodbury Begin!

Season 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead© television series again shatter records and claimed the title of most watched drama in basic cable history. McFarlane Toys is ready to bring fans even more of their favorite characters, living or otherwise, with the official announcement of the fourth series of action figures based on hit show!

This next series includes a sharpshooter from the original group of Atlanta survivors, the baddest man around (so far), the most grown up kid we know, and a couple zombies that are even more difficult to kill. As a special addition, and just like in the show, Daryl and Merle are finally being reunited in the highly requested Dixon brother 2-pack.

As always, each highly articulated human figure features the exact likeness of the actor by using a 3D scanning process and come with multiple accessories. And just like with the first three series of figures, each zombie included features an amazing attention to detail and unique play-action for maximum fun!

Now let’s take a quick look at the new figures ready to join your Walking Dead collection!


Strong-willed and capable of dispatching Walkers with an almost chilling ease, Andrea is an original member of the group of survivors led by Rick. Separated from her friends during the chaos at Hershel’s farm, Andrea has fought hard to make it through a number of dark days–first with the aid of Michonne, and later against the sadistic will of her one-time lover, The Governor. This action-figure comes with 22 points of articulation, pistol with leg holster, sniper rifle, and pitchfork from Hershel’s farm for fending off the undead.


The charismatic leader of the seemingly utopian town of Woodbury, The Governor plays the role of stern, but just, leader–a hero and source of confidence and hope to the people he protects. But, the role he plays and the man he truly is are too very different things. Beneath his well-meaning facade is man capable of acts of violence and dread that could make even a Walker’s skin crawl. This action-figure includes 22 points of articulation, an alternate head without eyepatch, pistol with hip holster, hunting knife with sheath, and large knife.


The son of Rick and Lori Grimes, Carl has gone from being a reserved, fearful child to becoming a true battle-hardened Walker dispatcher. As the youngest original Atlanta survivor, Carl has been forced to grow up brutally fast with little to no room for childhood amenities. Accessories for this figure includes 22 points of articulation, a hunting knife with sheath, prison medical bag, prison keys, and a removable sheriff’s hat given to him by his father, Rick.


All Walkers are dangerous, but some pose a greater threat than others. Covered from head to toe in body armor, the riot gear zombies prove to be difficult to exterminate. In order to secure the prison, Rick and the group must come up with inventive ways to dispose of these Walkers.

The Riot Gear Zombie includes a flip-action helmet and Maggie’s knife for head-stabbing action, while the Gas Mask Zombie features removable gas mask to expose skull. Pairing these two armored walkers together forms a threat like none the survivors have ever known! (each sold separately)


Two badass, backwoods, rebel yelling redneck brothers thrust against an unyielding onslaught of ravenous undead. Both original Atlanta survivors, Daryl and Merle Dixon have proven time and again, blood is thicker than brain matter! Family reunions can be a bitter sweet pill to swallow, especially in a world inhabited by The Walking Dead!

Both of these highly detailed figures for this much anticipated 2-pack feature the exact likeness of the characters from the show, using a 3D scan of actors themselves. The Daryl Dixon figure comes 20 points of articulation, crossbow, hunting knife, fire axe, pick axe, and prison keys. The Merle Dixon figure is re-armed and ready for action with 20 points of articulation, prosthetic arm with bayonet, assault rifle, pistol, and knife.