May the Fourth Be With You – Revell and Monogram Star Wars Model Kits at

Star Wars Model Kits at Woot

I remember trying to build some model airplanes when I was a kid, and I was pretty horrible at it. There was always extra plastic from where you broke the parts off from the tabs (I didn’t know about sand paper and files back then). I was also horrible at working with decals, and I didn’t have any paint either. As a result, they looked terrible. These Star Wars Model Kits from Revell and Monogram fix two out of three of those problems – they come with full deco already applied to the parts, so you or the lucky kid who you get these for won’t have to deal with decals or paint. As far as the plastic tabs – well, I just told you about sand paper and files, right? Plus, these just snap together, so no messy glue.

There’s six Star Wars models kits still available, all priced at a discounted $7 except for Boba Fett’s Slave 1, which is still a steal at $9. These are the model kits you are looking for.

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